How to tell children about professions

Starting from 5-6 years, children are already beginning to dream of a future profession. Most often, their preferences are influenced by vivid impressions of representatives of different professions. It can be a doctor, a salesman, a policeman, a pilot, etc. During this period, parents should make acquaintance with the professions in the most accessible form, without distorting the essence and awakening interest.

How to tell children about professions

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When to acquaint children with professions

From the age of 2 you can begin to acquaint children with professions. It should be borne in mind that at this age it is difficult for children to comprehend many things, therefore it is necessary to provide information in the most accessible form. It is best to begin stories about the professions with those that the child meets in everyday life. This may be the seller, driver, doctor, janitor, policeman.

When the child has an understanding of the main professions, you can broaden his horizons. Information about the profession for children in pictures will allow to form the most accurate and correct representation in the most accessible form.Already in 3-4 years, children can talk about the professions of loved ones: mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives.

How to tell the child about the professions

How to tell children about professions

The future profession of the child should not depend on the influence of the parents. Try to be as truthful as possible about each profession, regardless of your preferences. It is important that the child makes a choice in life himself, based on his abilities and hobbies. You can play the game: “Who did this?”, Explaining to the child what a profession is, relating to any subject of interest.

It is always necessary first of all to talk about those professions to which the child is interested. This can be done anywhere. Each process that has attracted attention can be a presentation that allows you to focus on the profession.

How to tell children about professions

For exploring them today there are a large number of diverse material. This includes role-playing games with all the necessary paraphernalia, books, cartoons and videos, board games and encyclopedias.

The acquaintance can be made using specially designed cards and themed posters.It is important to carry out informative conversations with the child, if possible to take him to work with parents and grandparents. This will allow you to create the most correct and accurate idea of ​​many professions with illustrative examples.

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