How to tie leggings

You will need
  • 350-400 g of yarn, needles number 2.5
Build a drawing of leggings. An example is given for a hip circumference of 101 cm and an ankle circumference of 22 cm. The length of leggings is 98 cm, the stride length is 75 cm.
Swipe a vertical line through the middle of the page. This will be the middle line. Step back from the top edge of the sheet 4 cm and draw a horizontal line. This will be the waist line. The point of intersection of two lines denote the letter T.
From this point along the midline, set aside three lengths: TN equal to 98 cm (length of leggings), TSH, 30 cm long (1/4 of the circumference of the hips plus 4 cm for free fit) and TL equal to 37.5 cm (half the length steps). Draw horizontal lines through points W, L and N. You will receive, respectively, the step line, the crotch line and the bottom line.
To the left and to the right of the T point, set aside by 26 cm (¼ of the circumference of the hips). Name the points T1 and T2. The waistline for the front half of the leggings is the TT1 segment.
Draw vertical lines from points T1 and T2 to their intersection with horizontal lines drawn through points L and Ш. Intersection points designate L1, Л2 and Ш1, Ш2.
To the right and left of H, set aside 11 cm (1/2 of the circumference of the ankle). Name the points H1 and H2. Connect the points L1 and H1, L2 and H2. You will get bevel lines along the seam.
To get a seam allowance, set aside a segment of 2 cm from T2. Mark the point as T3.
Connect the points T and T3. You will get a waistline for the back half of the leggings.
Tights knit bottom up of the two halves. The density of knitting is 3 loops in 1 cm horizontally and 4.5 rows in 1 cm vertically.
Knit start with the cuff. Type 66 loops on the knitting needles (cut H1H2) and knit with a rubber band 1x1 or 2x2 2-3 cm.
Continue the work with a simple stocking: front rows - front loops, purl rows - back loops (you can also choose another pattern).
From the cuff to the crotch line, add the same number of loops through a certain number of rows. For our example, we need to add 45 loops on each side in every sixth row.
Add loops one by one on both sides of the canvas, pulling out new loops from the gap between the face loops. You should have 156 loops.
From line Л1Л2 to line Ш1Ш2, knit a smooth cloth of 7.5 cm (the length of the LS segment is determined by subtracting the magnitude of the TS segment from the magnitude of the SL segment).
The length of the segment LS is the size of one side of a square crotch.It will be sewn into the points Ш1, Л1, Ш2, Л2. To mark these points, hang the pins from the edges of the canvas or make a mark with a regular thread.
Having tied up to the line Ш1Ш2, start performing disposable darts in the back half of the leggings.
Tie half (78) of the face loops. Do not link the remaining loops. Turn the work on the wrong side. From the seamy side, at the beginning of the row, remove the first loop as an edge loop, not knitting. Next, knit 78 purl loops.
Thus, you will tie 2 extra rows in the back of the leggings, i.e. perform a one-time tuck. Then knit 12 rows and perform another one-time tuck. In total, you must make 9 darts every 12 rows.
Knitting on the side of the segment SH2T2 should be more than 4 cm.
Next, make an allowance along the waistline of 2 cm (height of the segment T2T3).
Knit, starting from the front. Make 63 face loops, do not knit the remaining 93 loops. Turn the work to the wrong side and tie 63 purl loops.
In the third row, knit 48 front loops, in the fourth - 48 purl. Then, in the fifth row, 32 fasten the front loops, and 32 purl loops in the sixth row. In the seventh row, make 16 facial loops, in the next - 16 purl.
Next, on the front side, knit 156 loops to the end of the row.According to the picture, make loops from the wrong side.
Finish knitting with a belt 2-4 cm wide. Knit a belt with a double elastic band.
The second half of the leggings tie as well as the first, but in a mirror image. The darts begin to knit from the seamy side.
Tie a square gusset. The side of the square will be 7.5 cm. When knitting a crotch, add a simple one to the main thread.
Half the leggings folded face, steamed and sew knitted stitching.

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