How to treat seborrheic eczema

You will need
  • - antihistamines;
  • - hormonal ointments or creams;
  • - topical inhibitors;
  • - corticosteroids;
  • - cytostatics.
Finding signs of seborrheic eczema, immediately go to a dermatologist. The disease is important to "seize" at the very beginning, so that it does not lead to complications. The specialist will diagnose, if necessary, make scrapings with the affected skin disease and examines them in the laboratory. Treatment will be selected depending on the stage of the disease, its severity, your individual characteristics.
The most common therapy is to prescribe corticosteroids - ointments or creams containing hormones. These substances reduce inflammation of the skin, accelerate the process of regeneration. If such remedies are recommended to you, apply externally with Elokom, Advantan or Lokoid. The first two means apply on the affected skin with a thin layer once a day, the last - 3 or 4 times. Consider that applying these ointments and creams without a doctor's prescription is dangerous: they cause thinning of the skin and may contribute to the adherence of a bacterial infection.
Today, a new group of drugs has appeared that help alleviate the condition of patients with various kinds of eczema, including seborrheic. These are topical inhibitors. They do not contain hormones and contribute to the reduction of inflammatory processes in the skin. In addition, these funds relieve the itching that is characteristic of this ailment. Try using Tacrolimus or Protopic ointment, Pimecrolimus cream. But, again, only by appointment of the attending physician.
If seborrheic eczema is severe, too large skin areas are inflamed, and local therapy does not bring the expected results, specialists prescribe systemic treatment. It is expressed in the intake of drugs that suppress the immune system. These are, for example, corticosteroids such as Prednisolone, Triamycinolone, etc. They should be taken in the form of tablets or injections. In severe cases, cytostatics are used - "Cyclosporin", "Methotrexate", etc.
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Helpful advice
To relieve itching with seborrheic eczema, you can take antihistamines - Tavegil, Suprastin, Erius, Zyrtec and others.

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