How to treat spur folk remedies

Collect nettles in May and scroll through the meat grinder. Put the mixture on a burdock leaf and then make a compress. To keep the compress firmly, secure it with a bandage. Do this compress in the evening, keep it all day. Repeat every other day. A month later, the pain will be much less.
Dig the root of the flower of the iris, about 250 grams of this root, wash and mince. Fill the mixture with the same amount of alcohol, cover the vessel with a lid and place in a dark place for two weeks. In this infusion moisten folded bandage 4 times and apply at night to the sore heel. Put a plastic bag on top and fasten it. In the morning you can remove the bandage. Then, the next day, apply medical Vaseline to the sore heel. And so alternate the procedures every other day. The whole course of spur treatment will be 20 days.
Honey and dough will help. Take honey, coat it with the heel, then put dough on the heel and wrap it with polyethylene. Then put on the sock. And so go a few days.Then wash your foot and repeat again - the spur will pass in two months.
Will help the usual laundry soap. Take the soap and grate it, then melt it on the fire. Apply the resulting mass in the form of a compress to the heel spur overnight. Do so every day until complete cure.
Will save from the spur the old boots. After work, every day, give a little time to massage your sore feet. Take the old boots and rub as long as possible the place of formation of the spur. A month later, the spurs will be gone.

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