How to turn off vertical sync

You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
First install the latest drivers for your video card. If you are using an Nvidia video adapter, then visit Open the "Drivers" tab and select "Download Drivers". Fill in the menu that appears to find the necessary software. Specify the product type, series and exact model. Be sure to check the type of your operating system.
Download the proposed software and install it. Reboot the computer. After loading the operating system, right-click on the desktop and select the �Nvidia Control Panel� option. Open the �Manage 3D Settings� menu and go to the �Global Settings� tab.
Find the item �Vertical sync pulse� and set it to �Off�. It is better not to use the option "By the choice of the application," because many games automatically use this feature. Click "Apply" and close the program window.
If you have a Radeon video card installed on your computer, then visit Go to the Support & Drivers menu. Fill in the menu in the same way as described in the first step, and click on the �Show Results� button. Download the proposed program. Install it and restart the computer.
Right-click on the desktop and select Graphic Properties or ATI Control Center. Expand the �Games� tab and open the �3D Applications Settings� menu. Find the "Wait for vertical update" option and move the slider to the left to turn on the "Always off" option. Click "Apply" and close the program window.

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