How to understand that it suits you?

Before giving in to emotions and giving feelings to influence your choice, conduct a small mental survey and determine if this person is suitable for you and how compatible you are to live and develop together.

Question: does his attitude towards life suit me?

Is he a pessimist or an optimist? How does he imagine a happy life and what are the key factors for this? Living with a man who doesn’t have a good morning every day, terrible things are written in newspapers, and there are only aggressors on the road, doesn’t look like a fairy tale, especially if your character and mood are susceptible to outside influence. Be able to distinguish a desperate and disappointed person from a passionate and stress-resistant person who understands that there is no good or bad in the world - everything depends only on our perception.

Question: if it does not change a drop, I am satisfied with everything as it is now?

Throw out of your mind the mantra about the fact that "a man can be changed," and imagine that a person will remain the same 10 years from now.Are you ready to come to terms with it? Filtering out hopeless candidates without a shadow of hope is a difficult task, because we all believe that love will fix everything, and we expect our partner to fulfill our dreams when he is really satisfied with everything in its present form.

How to understand that it suits you?

Question: what can be said about him in his social circle?

While you are not acquainted with his family, listen to what he says about her, as he talks about his mother and father, as well as their roles in the family, which he most likely will want to repeat in his own relationships. Appreciate his social circle and leisure, which he spends in this circle, and even if against the background of his friends he seems to be the most educated and intelligent, imagine that without your presence he would probably be the same as they, or they would not need to communicate.

Question: does it excite me?

To re-kindle a fire where it has gone out, or to rekindle it where there has never been a fire, the tasks are completely different, and the same thing happens with passion. If it is not there initially and nothing flashes between you, then you will only have to tune in to each other in everyday life and try to replace the attraction with other things until one of the partners ceases to satisfy this and he does not switch to someone from .

How to understand that it suits you?

Question: we are about the same way of life?

Compare your social statuses and figure out who will "catch up" in the future and who will "catch up", but not only on the material, but on the cultural, educational and other levels. Ask how he usually builds his daily routine, how he spends his free time, and in the next stage try to identify habits and views, which he adheres especially diligently, and assess how his lifestyle harmonizes with yours so as not to get upset afterwards over trifles and Do not try to kick a lezheboku from the couch to run on skis at 8 am on Sunday.

Question: does he want about the relationship about the same thing that I want?

Men with ambiguous life goals for serious relationships are generally not suitable, because today they want to come together and take out a loan for joint housing, and tomorrow they are thinking over moving to Bali for all the same accumulated money. It is possible to check the correspondence of the goal and the method of achieving it in a conversation, listening attentively to his plans for the future and comparing them with what he now has. Talkers who see themselves as programmers in London after a year, but for the time being cannot even read the English menu, they usually come to light immediately.

How to understand that it suits you?

Question: Does he have bad habits?

This truly Russian reason for the breakup of relations cannot be ignored: if according to statistics of the registry offices, hundreds of thousands of couples get divorced precisely because of one of the partners’s bad habits, then the problem exists, and it’s sacred to believe that “this decent guy will definitely soon will throw "- this means to turn the relationship into a risky adventure.

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