How to use an old t-shirt

Do not rush to throw such a shirt! First, it can always be cut into cloths, especially if the fabric of a T-shirt is 100% cotton, as is often the case.

Secondly, an old T-shirt can be given to a child and given a creative task to come up with another piece of clothing from a T-shirt - you can safely cut it, you can draw on it with special markers for the fabric - no restrictions, the child will love it!

Thirdly, sew a soft toy out of an old T-shirt or turn on the fantasy yourself and create a top from a T-shirt. Or maybe you always wanted to have a t-shirt with fashionable cuts - so sew it yourself - take scissors and make cuts where you want, then pull each slit a little bit so that they get a natural, elongated look. If all of a sudden you don’t succeed, it’s not at all scary, the T-shirt is old and not at all sorry for her.

You can also use an old T-shirt as a bag for storing dried apples or mushrooms, for this you just need to cut off the sleeves and sew up the holes where they were, as well as the neck.For convenience, down T-shirts (that is, at the top of the bag), you can insert a rubber band - then it will be easier to use the bag.

There are plenty of ideas on how to apply an old T-shirt - take a closer look at it, turn it in your hands, feel it - maybe some other ideas will be born!

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