How to wear lavender, the most fashionable shade of spring

Satin Pajamas

Lavender is the perfect shade for glamleisure. Translated into Russian, this complex concept means a glamorous vacation - on the beach, in a spa or ... on the couch.

Missguided Satin Pajamas

Missguided Satin Pajamas (€ 27)

Satin Dress

We look forward to warming with impatience and for the sake of such dresses - a delicate shade in combination with a light material makes this thing as weightless as a meringue-cake with a taste of violet.

Bershka satin dress

Bershka satin dress (3 999 rub.)

Silver bracelet with amethyst

Not just a uniform - here you have the same insanely delectable lavender hue, but not in fabric, but in sparkling amethysts. We have noticed that jewelers most often frame these stones in white gold or silver in order to preserve the cold tonality in jewelry.

SL Bracelet, Silver, Amethysts

Bracelet SL, silver, amethysts (order)

Tie Top

For those who are tired of the same tops and dresses with bare shoulders, we would suggest an alternative and non-beat neckline - a knot in the chest.The last option is more creative, because you can tie a knot in different ways depending on whether you want to make the cut deeper or, on the contrary, more modest.

Nasty Gal Tie Top

Top with a knot Nasty Gal ($ 24)

Sunglasses with colored glasses

Consider for the summer the option to look at the world through lavender glasses. Better, of course, if this world is in tune with the glasses - the same Provençal landscapes would fit perfectly!

Pull and Bear glasses with colored glasses

Pull and Bear glasses with colored glasses (999 rub.)

Ankle boots with sequins

The mass market can surprise no less than eccentric London Fashion Week. Suppose we have seen enough of the shiny shoes over the past seasons, but it is in this pair that everything is beautiful and surprising - from sequins and a metallic heel to a lavender shade.

Zara Sequin Ankle Boots

Zara Sequin Ankle Boots (4 999 rub.)

Clock with calendar

This watch captivated us with its controversial character: inside they have four dials, like a serious business model, and the color is at the same time so relaxed and romantic.

Clock with calendar SL

Clock with calendar SL (order)

Lace bodice

We discovered that lavender is also an ideal color for underwear. Look at it, if beige and too easily soiled white for the summer already filled the edge.

H & M lace bodice

Leaf with lace H & M (699 rub.

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