How useful is a peachy peach?

There are many varieties of peaches, and one of them is an unusual fig. In some, he is in doubt, in others - surprise. But this fruit in any case deserves attention, since it is not only tasty, but also useful.

What is this fruit?

A fig-like peach, like other more familiar and famous varieties of this fruit, belongs to the Rosy family. It grows mainly in regions with a mild climate, and its homeland, according to botany, is China. Such an unusual variety is distinguished by a flattened shape, for which the variety was nicknamed fig. But the taste is the usual peaches, having dense fleecy skin, juicy pulp and small bones.

Are the peaches useful?

The composition of fig peaches includes many useful substances, such as cellulose, numerous organic acids, silicon, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, fluorine, sulfur, magnesium, copper, iodine, chromium, vitamins E, H, groups B, K and C .

Beneficial features:

  • This fruit contains fiber, and it normalizes digestive processes,stimulates peristalsis of intestinal walls and relieves constipation, removes slag and toxic substances from the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body, and also gives a feeling of satiety.
  • Fig peach contains a large amount of potassium, which contributes to the nutrition and strengthening of the heart muscle, and thus protects against such serious diseases as heart failure, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction.
  • The product is useful for weight loss for several reasons. First, its caloric content is no more than 55-60 kilocalories per hundred grams. Secondly, the fiber swells in the stomach, fills its volume and provides saturation for several hours, suppressing the appetite. Thirdly, these fruits speed up metabolism, which contributes to more active weight loss.
  • B vitamins, which are abundant in the composition, are an integral part of many metabolic processes taking place in the body. They are also responsible for the smooth functioning of the central nervous system, increase stress resistance, normalize sleep and even improve mood.
  • If you regularly eat fig peaches, you can improve the immune system,strengthen the body’s natural defensive barrier and increase resistance to pathogenic microorganism attacks.
  • These fruits are useful to use during pregnancy, especially in the early stages: it is noticed that they help to alleviate the condition with toxicosis and relieve of nausea.
  • Fig peaches improve kidney function and have a mild diuretic effect.
  • Fruits are good for the liver.
  • With regular use you can achieve choleretic effects and improve the functioning of the gallbladder.

Can fig peaches cause harm?

A fig peach is one of the most useful and harmless fruits that can be introduced into the diet from early childhood and practically does not cause allergic reactions. And yet there are some contraindications, albeit few. These include diabetes mellitus (in fudge peaches a lot of natural fructose sugar), a tendency to allergies (it usually causes a red pigment in the peel) and individual hypersensitivity.

How to choose and store?

Choosing fig peaches, pay attention to their appearance. They should be of medium size and dense, undamaged peel.There should be no stains and dents on the surface. Feel the fruits: they must be sufficiently elastic.

Very soft peaches will surely be ripe, but they are practically not stored. You can buy unripe fruit: for a few days in the refrigerator, they probably will reach the desired state. The smell of peaches is pleasant, not rotten. In addition, buy fruit in official markets and in large stores, and also give preference to local or at least close to your region producers.

Fig peaches spoil very quickly, so you need to eat them as soon as possible, preferably immediately after purchase, so do not save them for future use. They are stored in the refrigerator for no longer than two days. Unripe fruits can last longer - about five days.

Proper use and use in cooking

The benefits will be maximized if fresh peaches are used. They will be a great snack or snack. You can use them as a pleasant light dessert, but you should not eat them after a hearty lunch or dinner: firstly, it can slow down digestion and cause fermentation, secondly, the resulting carbohydrates will not have time to spend (especially in the afternoon).But before the meal you can eat a couple of pieces: it will speed up the processes of digestion and help reduce the portion and not to eat.

In cooking, fig peaches can be used in different ways:

  • These peaches make excellent compotes to which you can add any other fruit.
  • Fig peaches are suitable for preservation, as they retain their shape and most of the useful substances. Sweet compote can be used as a syrup, and the canned fruit can be an addition to dessert, a filling for baking or an independent delicious treat.
  • Like apricots, peaches can be dried, turning into dried fruits. Before drying, wash the fruits, remove the bones from them and bring them to the desired state in the dryer, in the oven or in the fresh air in warm weather.
  • From fig peaches make excellent jams and jams, which are loved by both adults and children.
  • If you have a juicer, then you can get a delicious juice with pulp. You can also turn fruit in puree and give to children, and with a year or even earlier, if you are sure of the origin of the fruit, and the child does not have allergies.
  • Peaches of a fig type can become an excellent filling for baking: for pies, croissants, puffs, pies.
  • Prepare a salad of these and other fruits by filling it with natural yogurt. This is a great afternoon snack!
  • With the addition of fig peaches can make ice cream. Offer it to the children instead of the store.
  • Experiment: cook sauces, add fruits to hot fish or meat dishes, salads.

Now you know the usefulness of fig peach. And if this fruit gets you on the market or in the store, be sure to buy it and enjoy the taste or cook some dish.

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