How women in the world lose weight: five best ways

Chili with pleasure Mexican. It perfectly warms the metabolism, and therefore effectively burns fat. This is due to the capsaicin substance. It is contained in pepper. Therefore, Mexicans add it to all dishes, which greatly helps them to lose weight easily.
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Fatty fish is always present on the table at the Norwegian. Omega 3 and iodine contained in fish, not only take care of the heart and blood vessels, but also accelerates the process of burning fat. Therefore, fish can be safely added to slimming dishes.
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Green tea helps Japanese women to remain slim and beautiful. After each meal, they drink a cup of green tea. This way of losing weight for the lazy. 4 cups a day is the optimal dose to get the maximum effect for burning fat.
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Ginger takes pride of place in Thailand. It is added to all dishes - and sweet, and salty. The substance, which is part of ginger, normalizes digestion,improves metabolic processes and removes toxins. It must be introduced into the diet for weight loss to get the maximum effect.
Small portions of food prefer the French. They allow themselves all. They have their own ways to lose weight. Cakes and croissants are a favorite breakfast food. But tiny portions do not add extra pounds. And such a simple weight loss provides a lasting effect for many years.
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