Ideas for design for sharp nails

Nails for any of the women are a way to demonstrate their style, beauty and ability to watch themselves. For some girls, they become the main decoration, and others do not completely care for them.

Manicure should be done, but sometimes women forget about it, explaining that there are more important concerns. These are just excuses. Just every girl needs to find her nail shape. Today we will talk about the design of an acute form.

Often, girls develop the habit of doing the same manicure, or rather, the shape remains the same, and only the color of the lacquer changes. We are satisfied with everything for a long time, but at the same time we suddenly want changes. They can be achieved simply by changing the usual shape of the marigold.

The sharp marigold has many fans and the same number of opponents. They look stylish, original and beautiful. However, many people consider this form of nails vulgar and even cheap. Whatever the case, there are a huge number of women who will never refuse to change their sharp, cat's claws to something more simple.

Even if you are skeptical of the acute form, we advise you to try to do them yourself at least once, and then judge them. Most often, sharp nails are made by fans of nails that have been enlarged with gel.

This is due to the fact that it is difficult to make a beautiful sharp form on the native nails. In addition, to obtain native, sharp claws, it is necessary to grow quite long, and then shape the shape. And as you know this is quite problematic in everyday conditions, as the nails break down every now and then.

Gel nails are distinguished by their strength and accuracy. In addition, a professional master can make a real masterpiece on your hands. On which version of the design should opt for the upcoming season, read on.


Design sharp nails should be chosen depending on the sharpness of the tip. There are claws in which it has a triangular shape, and there are forms with more rounded, even square tips. The figure should fit into the nails and have a complete, complete look.

Plus is a large area, which in turn increases the opportunities for the realization of creative fantasies.Simply put, you can paint whole bouquets of flowers on your nails.

Speaking of colors, floral prints on nails are very popular this season. Spring and summer are coming soon, and this is an excellent occasion to add bright colors to your life.

Just imagine how red roses and white lilies look gorgeous on your hands.

You can choose any one flower or decorate them with a scattering of white daisies or blue cornflowers.

Abstract or geometric patterns are now popular with many. Therefore, you can safely draw squares, even and broken lines on the nails. Use for this different bright colors and then your nails will look more unusual.

You can make the tips of sharp nails transparent. Now it is fashionable. Add sparkles and delicate color and you will get a very delicate manicure.

Having made such a manicure, do not be afraid to experiment with color and decor. The fact that you made an unusual form of nails does not mean that you should deprive yourself of bright colors and creative design.

For the design of sharp nails, you can use fabric, lace, foil and even gold threads. The main thing is to learn how to properly combine decorative elements so that the overall design looks harmonious, and not alyapisto.

Looks great mix of white and black colors.This can be a chessboard, flowers or even portraits. Remember, the thinner and clearer the lines will be drawn, the more elegant the manicure will look.

Who is suitable?

Absolutely for any. If you do not have very long nails, but you really want to make yourself cat's claws, then it is better to start to form them gradually. Better yet, contact a manicure specialist. He will pick you up and sharpen everything correctly and, if necessary, make the nails of your dreams with the help of gel.

Sharp can only be done on well-groomed hands. Sharp nails attract a lot of attention to themselves, and if the nail is surrounded by cracks and sores, then you will only disappoint the people around you.

Who can do?

Such a manicure can afford girls who like it. Not every girl wants to catch admiring glances. In addition, choosing the shape of the marigold should pay attention to how it fits with the fingers and hands.

But for girls with short nails, the sharp form is a real salvation. Because in this way their hands become more graceful.

Also, if you work hard, you should forget about such an extravagant form of nails.Because they will disturb you and constantly break. Very long sharp nails are most often made by young women of fashion who are not burdened with heavy loads. Although if you increase the length of the nail gradually, then you can get used to and without difficulty to perform all household duties.

So be sure to try to change the usual nail design to a more interesting one. The photo of the best design of sharp nails we provided you below. We hope among these photos, you will find a good idea for your future manicure.

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