If he did not finish?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
March 13, 2013

With sexual intercourse, some couples have problems. These problems can be diverse. But it is very rare that there is a problem with the fact that a man cannot finish. Often this is accompanied by some pathologies. If he did not finish, what could it mean and what reasons could there be for that?

Why is this happening

There are many reasons that cause the causes of this unpleasant condition. Among them may be: alcoholism, mental causes, infectious diseases, defects and anomalies, endocrine causes, medications, oncology, nervous pathology and postoperative changes.

Alcohol reduces the excitation in the brain and spinal cord centers that are necessary when reaching orgasm. Usually, for psychological reasons, the main are some stereotypes that do not correspond to the right feelings during sex. As for infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, and urethritis, will not give an opportunity to end. Endocrine causes include diabetes mellitus, obesity, and hypogonadism.

Medications can directly affect the nervous system, and accordingly block the necessary sensations. The causes of nervous pathology are manifested through diseases such as Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. If a man can not finish, and the cause is not established, it does not mean that the reasons are very bad. Basically, the reasons are psychological, and at another time everything goes fine. But if the same situation is observed again, then a visit to the doctor is already necessary.

What to do to the woman

What to do to the woman when the man cannot terminate? If the reasons for the psychological plan, then the woman should go to the stimulation of the penis with his hands. A special effect will bring stimulation of the bridle of the penis. Bridle is something like a small scar on the head of the penis. Those. hand movements on it stimulate the senses. According to sexologists, masturbation of a woman causes strong arousal in a man. Therefore, you can take advantage of this.

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