If the husband bought an inflatable sex doll: what to do

Start by analyzing your intimacy, think about how often it happens, whether your man is satisfied with this regularity, whether he likes making love with you. The presence of an inflatable doll may indicate that a man really lacks sex and he is trying to satisfy his biological needs.

If there are problems

If the spouse often refuses sex, if she has a headache, there is no desire to do something, then there is a high probability that the man is not satisfied. This situation needs to be changed, but the husband does not know how to do it. He may hint, speak directly, but if this does not help, more weighty arguments are used. If he bought a doll, it is worth even to thank him, because he did not go to look for his mistress, but he tries to explain so unusually to his beloved that it is time to change something.
Start talking to your husband, just ask about the reasons for his act.No need to be rude, insult or make a complaint, just calmly discuss this situation. It’s better to do it alone when there are no children, parents or friends nearby. It is better if everyone is calm so as not to move on to elevated tones. And asking, listen to the answer, do not interrupt, and analyze the behavior of her husband. You do not need to quarrel, but come to a common decision, find a compromise in your life so that the marriage does not fall apart. Tell him how you feel when you see a rubber woman, speak of embarrassment, displeasure, but without undue emotion. Ask what you need to do to get it out of the house. Find the best solution for both.

Strange joke

A rubber woman may not be a reproach that you are a bad lover, but a gift from friends or acquaintances. Sometimes you need not to get upset, and ask about how she appeared. This may be a hint that he wants to experiment with two women or just an attempt to cheer you up. Each person has his own sense of humor, and it can manifest in this way. Do not create a stressful situation, just ask a man about this toy. Sometimes the cause of its appearance is quite banal, and the woman has already invented a lot of terrible things for herself.


If you see a rival in the doll, this indicates the fragility of your relationship. If he bought it to replace you, then you need to worry. But you can react and unusual. Start playing, tell your husband that you really like this idea that the doll fits perfectly into your interior. Talk to her, watch movies together. And if the husband uses her for sex, then tell him that he will also be preparing his new girlfriend a meal.
It is necessary not to deny its appearance, but to make it funny. She solves some of his problems, which is great, but she can also help you, freeing you from part of your housework. If you choose such a position, it is important not to make trouble, not to swear, but to play the role of a benevolent spouse. Most likely this husband quickly get bored and he will remove the purchase in the far corner.

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