Impossible is possible: how to turn the cottage in the perfect vacation spot

The main thing is no slave labor on the plantations. Cottage is communication with nature, fresh air and pleasure.

Here you can grow your own cucumbers and tomatoes. You can train a landscape designer talent. You can cook kebabs, and you can just contemplate nature, comfortably sitting on a deck chair under a beach umbrella. True, this will have to spend a little time to turn the cottage into a truly paradise. But believe me, it's worth it. Tips for landscaping with is shared by the expert of the Leroy Merlin hypermarket chain Tatyana Sterkhova, head of the Sad direction.

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BBQ corner

It should be as far as possible from the house and garden trees. Portable grill can be put directly on the ground, but it is much more convenient to equip a comfortable area where you can store everything you need during the season and cook meat even in bad weather.

It is best to pave the area with paving slabs, and to protect against rain, put a special metal canopy. Next to the barbecue place a table and a small cabinet for storing dishes, coal, liquids for ignition, knives and other necessary items.

Choosing the right grill

Pay attention to the three main things.

1.Wall thickness. Service life depends on it, as well as the ability to use open fire and birch coal with a high burning temperature. The optimal wall thickness at which the brazier will last for many years is from 3 to 4 millimeters.

2.The depth of the barbecue - it affects the quality and speed of roasting meat and fuel consumption. In the brazier with a depth of 20 centimeters, the meat is 8−10 centimeters from the coals, is well roasted and does not burn.

3.Height - the ideal would be a brazier with a meter or more in height. At such a height, turning skewers is most convenient.

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How to care for the brazier

To grill served longer, you need to shake the coal and ash out of it every time, and clean the walls with a special brush. At the end of the barbecue season, the brazier should be washed with dishwashing liquid, rinsed with water and dried.Keep grill best in the house. In conditions of high humidity, its service life is reduced several times.


Braziers with thick walls are quite heavy. Therefore, pay attention to the brazier semi-stationary model with wheels. It will last a long time, and it will be easy to put it in the room at the end of the season. Another advantage of the model is that it provides additional shelves for storing accessories and a separate box for igniting coal.

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Place to relax

It can be almost any place in the country: a terrace, a garden gazebo or a playground in the shade of trees, sheltered from the rain with an awning. And here it is important to choose the right furniture.

How to choose garden furniture

It all depends on where you are going to put it. In any case, garden furniture should be durable, not be afraid of sunlight and rain. If it is possible to protect the rest area from the vagaries of the weather, it makes sense to look at the stationary sets of light plastic or folding metal. The main thing is to have chairs, a table and a large umbrella for the whole company.

Each material, whether wood, plastic or synthetic, has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Plastic furniture is inexpensive, not afraid of rain, but relatively quickly fade in the sun. The dignity of wooden furniture in the beauty of natural material. The disadvantage is heaviness. In addition, if the wooden table and chairs are in the open, you have to renew their appearance every year.

One of the best materials is polyotang. It is a synthetic material with a coating resembling weaving from a rattan. The furniture from a polyrottan is durable, available, weighs little and almost does not demand leaving. Even in winter you can fearlessly leave her in the open air.


For complete happiness, we lack only textile accessories and garden decor items. Blankets, pillows, curtains and tablecloths - and your corner for relaxation will become a truly paradise. And pots with flowers placed on the platform on decorative stands will add aesthetics.

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Let there be light!

Lighting is a very important thing. It is more convenient to cook kebabs in the evening in bright light. To do this, you can put on the barbecue stationary lights on poles. In addition to the soft light of the lanterns, it will be nice to put a directional source above the barbecue and table.This lighting scheme is also suitable for a garden recreation area.

On the terrace it is better to use street lamps and sconces with various types of fastening - to the ceiling or walls. So, with the help of Inspire Tiffany sconces on the terrace, it is easy to create a cozy warm atmosphere, avoiding the effect of boring “room” light. Complement the lighting on the terrace led strip. Their advantage is that the tapes help illuminate the most inaccessible places. Control with a remote control allows you to disable and enable individual tapes.

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