In Los Angeles banned clothing made of natural fur

When in 1994 Calvin Klein made a conscious decision to abandon the natural fur, many twisted at the temple. And now, after almost 25 years, leading brands (including Gucci, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo) are switching to ecomomes one after another. The organizers of the London Fashion Week this year called on designers to make an ethical choice when using materials for the collections of spring-summer 2019. And now came the news from Los Angeles, where the authorities have officially banned the sale of natural fur.

The new bill will come into force in two years - exactly so much time has been given to suppliers in order to sell their goods from sable, fox, raccoon ... Starting from 2021, these materials cannot be imported into Los Angeles and produced in the city adjacent borders.

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Publication by GIVENCHY (@givenchyofficial)Aug 1, 2018 at 8:33 pdt

In Los Angeles, of course, natural fur is not needed in general. But this is the second city of the United States, where such a bill comes into force. So, sooner or later, others will join these cities, including the northern ones.And this is no reason to get upset, in the end, you can always warm up in a down jacket!

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