In what area to work?

To choose a profession for yourself is to decide your future. Very much depends on what specialty you acquire. For example, financial and social situation, social circle, place of residence, and sometimes the person with whom you spend your life, create a family. But you should not chase the mountains of gold and fabulous wealth, because the profession, and accordingly, work, should bring maximum pleasure. At the same time, you should be a professional in your field, not just love, but also understand your work. To choose in which sphere to work, you need to weigh everything: your skills, skills, desires. In general, what your soul is for.

For creative people

If you want to find yourself in the field of creativity, if you are a person who can not attach to one place, then the choice is great. Professions such as an artist, decorator, designer or writer require great dedication. Perhaps, if you discovered talent in yourself, but no matter how offensive it may sound, no one else sees it in you, try to develop in a different direction.But if you really are a gifted person, act.

Of course, to say that the main thing is aspiration is not enough. It is necessary to break through, send your work to professionals, develop and practice. Celebrity level is not easy to achieve, but it's worth a try. If you dream of a career as a feeder, you need to start with the approval of at least the teachers. Feel free to send manuscripts to publishers, seek meetings with editors.

If you want to work in the field of fashion, for example, to engage in shopping, you will work in the field of procurement. Today, such a profession is very relevant, the main thing is to have an opinion and a sense of taste. Send your resume, try, go to the interview.


Enough popular and in demand work in the field of entertainment and services. No one has canceled and is unlikely to cancel entertainment. Of course, if you are without a calculator, consider six-digit numbers and want to reduce the estimates, debits with loans, it is better to start in another area. But a good start, and in the future, the work of a bartender, DJ or croupier can also be a lucrative profession, or a security guard for the first time may also be suitable.To be a professional in this matter means to know all the nuances of your profession and to be in it, like a fish in water. Professionals often receive high salaries. Working in the field of leisure for girls is not the best option, since for the most part demand is for intimate services. It is better to pay attention to such professions: masseuse, makeup artist, cosmetologist, hairdresser, model, etc.

Economy and business

To choose a profession where you need to think, to solve complex tasks and to bear a great responsibility, you need to pay attention to creating your own business. The fact is that work in the field of business implies one hundred percent return. So that the business does not go bankrupt, it is not enough to find a sponsor. The main thing is to be able to adjust the process, make a plan, find the right people. Look for the makings of a leader, tenacity and a firm mind.

If you are attracted to work in the field of economics, graduate from an economic institute. Learn the basics of this profession, devote yourself to the study of the nuances of the profession. Economists in our time earn quite well, but only those who really understand their business. In addition to economics, there is accounting, which involves the study of mathematics and some branches of the economy. Only perseverance, the study of all the little things can lead a person to victory.

A highly paid profession and work in production can be the right decision for an ambitious person who knows how to build an empire out of nothing. Not all become directors at once. It is necessary to develop the skills, try hard to create something. It is easy to find profit in the production sphere for yourself. Follow the sales and delivery of goods, establish production and come up with sensible projects. If you feel this desire in yourself, go ahead.

The question of which field is better to work in is of concern to many. Assess your skills, knowledge and desires, think about what you want more. Perhaps you have a tongue hanging, you can convince. So why not choose the work of a realtor or seller? You can earn your first million at any place, the main thing is to be a professional.

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