Instructions for the use of hellebore water to improve hair growth

The hellebore plant, in another way it is also called the puppeteer, is very poisonous. It contains 6 poisons, the most dangerous of which is the protoveratrin. It can cause paralysis of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and organs of the cardiovascular system. However, in addition to its poisonous properties, the plant has qualities that are beneficial to humans.
The beneficial effect on the hair is due to the fact that the hellebore has an irritating effect on small blood vessels, they begin to expand, and the hair follicles receive additional portions of nutrients and oxygen, this has a positive effect on the hair structure - they are transformed after the first use, gaining a healthy glow, silkiness and obedience.Chemerichnaya water eliminates dandruff and high fat content, makes hair healthy, shiny
Chemerichnaya water is nothing but an alcohol solution from the roots and rhizomes of hellebore. The drug is freely available in pharmacies, it can be used without prior consultation with the doctor. It should be remembered that the solution is able to cause an allergic reaction. Before use, it is recommended to carry out the following procedure: apply a drop of liquid on the elbow bend and observe this place for 15 minutes, if everything is fine with the treated skin, itching and burning are absent, you can safely use the solution. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, weakness, you should immediately consult a doctor. Well, pre-wash the drug from the elbow.
To improve the condition of hair, hellebore water is recommended to be applied 1-2 times a week to the hair along the entire length. You can distribute the liquid with a cotton swab, syringe, spray. After application, the hair must be combed well. Wash your hair after using cobalt water is optional. In the first minutes of the procedure, a burning sensation may appear on the head, but rather it should pass.It is contraindicated to use hellebore during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as in the case of damage to the skin.
Especially shown is the use of hellebore water for people with oily hair. Owners of dry and brittle hair need to be careful not to overdry them. So, you can use the following advice: a few minutes after applying codermic water on your hair,
on top of it use burdock oil.
One of the most effective remedies on the basis of the cemeric water is a lotion of medicinal herbs. To prepare it you need to mix the leaves of sage (20 g), nettle (20 g), hop cones of ordinary (40 g), roots of licorice (10 g), as well as hot peppers. The resulting mixture should be transferred to an opaque container and pour vodka (250 ml). Leave to brew at room temperature for 18 days. After that, 100 ml of the tincture is mixed with turpentine (20 ml), castor oil (30 ml) and pore water (50 ml). The resulting lotion must be applied to the scalp for 30 minutes.

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