IQ test: you are a genius if you have solved all the riddles in 2 minutes

We offer you five puzzles that a genius will solve in just 2 minutes. Check what you are capable of. Go!


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Riddle number 1.

It is no secret that real masters can put a boat inside the bottle so that it remains intact. This is a special technology that not everyone can master. However, is it possible, for example, to put a cucumber in a bottle? But there are two conditions - the cucumber should not be cut, and the vessel should not be damaged.


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Riddle number 2.

This question is on the backfill. Where there are rivers, but there is no water, there are cities, but there are no buildings, and there are forests, but there are no trees?

Riddle number 3.

The girl in the early morning dropped into her mug, full of coffee, a ring. However, when she took it out, the ring was completely dry. How is this possible?



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Riddle number 4.

This thing is given to a person three times: the first two are free of charge, but you have to pay for the third, and a considerable amount.

Riddle number 5.

Calculate how much it will be if you divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. The answer is not as obvious as you might think!

We will publish the correct answers below under the photo.


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1. The correct answer is. To do this, put a cucumber while it is still small. In a bottle, he will grow up. However, how to extract it from there is another and no less interesting question.

2. The correct answer is, without a doubt, a world map. It is customary to depict the color of water and forests, but the scale of the buildings, as a rule, is not enough. Is that not Google Maps.

3. The correct answer - of course, the coffee was not brewed - it was either in grains, either ground, or soluble. Apparently, the girl had not yet had time to wake up, once poured into a mug all the coffee that was in the house.

4. The correct answer is of course teeth. The first time - dairy, then - indigenous. Well, about the third time it hurts us all to even think.

5. The correct answer is 70. If you disagree, then, most likely, it was completely wrong to think. Most consider it this way: 30: 2 + 10 = 25. However, one should not forget that when dividing, the number must be multiplied by an inverted fraction, that is, 30 * 2 + 10.

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