Is it time to go on vacation: a picture indicator of fatigue!

Do you know that you see reality not what it really is? Yes, precisely, no matter how the crown of nature man is, he doesn’t see much, does not perceive or does not process his higher being with his large and developed brain! Dark spots, distortions of visual perception, even the feeling of a “broken” spoon in a glass of water - this is not just the norm, but the reality of every day.

Since the beginning of the last century, optical illusions so captured the consciousness of thinking contemporaries that they became an idea for entertainment, and for tests, and for the visual arts. One of the most prominent artists working on this fertile topic was Maurice Asher and Salvador Dali.

By the way, psychologists did not lag behind cultural figures and adapted the possibilities of optical illusions for Gestalt psychology. Are you sure that you see?

The simplest optical illusions use familiar or even primitive colors, only simple geometric elements.However, they are combined so that the eyes deceive us. Here you have a classic example of a simple optical illusion, which is activated during movement.

Scroll the mouse wheel up and down. The circle in the center, then its rectangle background, becomes darker, or even completely merges in gray instead of separate white and black details.

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What does the effect show?

It is believed that the intensity of the manifested visual effect is practically a litmus test of fatigue. That is, in the mornings, the effect will not be particularly noticeable, but towards evening when scrolling up or down, one main element or another will completely merge into gray, although in a static position the picture will be perceived as it really is.

If even from the very morning the backgrounds merge, then, according to psychologists, it's time for you to go on vacation or at least for a weekend. After resting, the fresh brain will have time to process the small elements in motion and the perception will divide them into different pieces of the image, as a maximum, smoothing the contrast (black will turn dark gray, and white - light gray).

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