Jewelry made of jewelry steel

Jewelry made of jewelry steel are in noticeable demand among consumers. They are equally loved by women and men, young people and people of solid age. The reasons for this recognition lie in the very properties of the material.

What is jewelry steel and its benefits

Jewelry steel is another terminology: medical steel or surgical steel 316L is an alloy of iron with chromium. Medical, including surgical, instruments and devices are made of this material. This fact alone indicates the required quality standards of the metal. Advantages of the alloy:

  • it does not rust and does not become covered with bloom;
  • it is strong, withstands stress and external influences;
  • It does not cause allergic reactions in humans and other unpleasant side effects.

Sometimes jewelry steel is even called gold of a new generation, bravely comparing it with precious metals. By some characteristics, it even surpasses the traditional materials used for making jewelry.

Jewelry made of jewelry steel

Earrings from medical steel and ceramics with cubic zirconia, SG;bracelet made of leather and medical steel with zirconia, SG;steel ring with zirconia, OKAMI(prices link)

Traditional expensive gold is one of the first in terms of softness of jewelry materials, sensitive to even small mechanical effects. The gold ring loses its shape under pressure, and the surface of the jewelry is covered with scratches due to friction with sharp objects. Due to its rigidity, jewelry steel is not deformed, and the appearance of the metal remains presentable for a long time.

Over time, silver darkens and becomes covered with an unaesthetic dark patina, which spoils the appearance of the product and may, including, leave traces on the human body. If you purchased jewelry from medical jewelry steel, then such troubles are excluded.

You can wear the same jewelery at least every day, and over the years it will look as if you had just taken it out of the store. In addition, jewelry steel is not afraid of any sun rays, or temperature drops, or even salty sea water. Chromium, which is a part of medical steel, creates a reliable outer layer that serves as a kind of barrier, eliminating adverse chemical reactions.

When buying jewelry steel products, analyze how smooth the surface is polished.

The finer the grinding, the stronger the chrome barrier.

Despite these advantages of jewelry steel, its price is very democratic. Therefore, stylish jewelry is available to almost everyone. This is another proven reason for the popularity of this material.

Jewelry made of jewelry steel is fashionable.

In addition to the advantages associated with the physical characteristics of medical steel, you need to pay attention to the strengths of this material, in terms of modern style. Jewelry made of steel was fashionable in Europe in the 18th century. Until now, they are associated with originality and extraordinary taste of their owners. This material is bright, catchy and, at the same time, status and solid. A person who prefers jewelry steel declares his dynamism, activity and vigor. Regardless of age, such a person will be perceived by others as a young soul, full of vitality and plans for the future.

Jewelry made of jewelry steel

Medical steel suspension, SG;bracelet from medical steel and leather with enamel, OKAMI; medical steel ring with enamel, OKAMI (prices refer to)

Jewelry steel - according to designers, the material is universal.It is suitable for creating products in the chosen artistic style and responds to the inquiries of all fashion trends. It organically looks like in everyday jewelry, and in real jewelry masterpieces intended for solemn occasions.

Jewelry made of jewelry steel can be decorated with stones, encrusted, covered with colored enamel. The material is harmoniously combined with all decorating elements, regardless of their color range and structure.

Caring for jewelry steel is simple: it is enough to wash the product in soapy water if necessary

Stones and other decor should be cleaned, adhering to the appropriate instructions.

What can you buy from jewelry steel?

The versatility of the material means the ability to make all types of jewelry without restrictions. In the online store of jewelry steel you can buy:

  • jewelry bracelets and bracelets for watches;
  • crosses and other items in the form of religious and other semantic symbols;
  • chains, pendants;
  • earrings, studs and clips;
  • rings, rings, including engagement and wedding rings;
  • child and teenage jewelry.

Jewelry made of jewelry steel remains in the budget price segment, while it looks expensive and presentable. Make sure of it yourself, choosing the right product for yourself!

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