Jokes and pranks on April 1

The holiday of April 1 - the day of draws, surprises, laughter and fun. On this day, play friends, colleagues, acquaintances and friends. It is not surprising, because the jokes and pranks for April 1 and leave good memories. And although the official calendar does not indicate the day of laughter, it enjoys an enviable popularity among residents of many countries.

After reading the article, make the first day of April unforgettable. I will consider successful April Fools' jokes, jokes and practical jokes that will help to make a joke, but it is incredibly funny to make a joke, and this is a guarantee of general fun and positive emotions.

Remember the sense of proportion and do not overdo it with humor on the day of laughter. If you successfully choose the victim for the draw, guessing with the moment and do it right, it will be funny to everyone. And do not forget about vigilance, because at any moment you can become the victim of a rally.

The best drawings for April 1 at school

Funny laughing toy

Many people like laughter, especially schoolchildren. They are always ready to fool around, because on April 1 no one punishes for it.At the same time, every schoolchild does not forget about attentiveness and constantly awaits a dirty trick on the part of peers. In this part of the article I will consider a few ideas for drawing students. They require little preparation and provide an incredible effect.

  • "Paper Prank".Before the holiday, prepare a few sheets of paper with a variety of inscriptions. A notice of repair, lack of water, or cancellation of classes is ideal. Post graffiti in the school and in the schoolyard. Just do not catch the eye of teachers.
  • "Festive brick".For the role of the victim will suit a classmate, who has a roomy backpack with lots of pockets. When the object of the rally will leave the property unattended, hide a brick or a large stone in one of the pockets. After classes, the student will automatically put on a backpack and will not pay attention to the fact that the burden has become heavier. The results of the rally will become known the next day.
  • "Goodbye, school".The drawing is suitable for classmates who often miss classes. On April 1, hand a letter to your peer on behalf of the class teacher with a notice of exclusion from school.
  • «Fantômas». Burn a dozen matches.The remaining ash smear both hands, then go back to the victim and close her eyes. As soon as the object of the rally guesses you, put your hands away and quickly hide them in your pocket. A classmate will not suspect that he has undergone a facial treatment.
  • «Soap and school board». On the day of laughter, not only pupils play, but also teachers. If the teacher's anger is not terrible, rub the board with soap before class. Attempts by the teacher to write something on the board will be crowned with failure.

Choosing a rally, remember, actions should not offend a classmate. In general, this day is recommended to be attentive to both students and teachers, because children of school age are unpredictable.

Popular pranks for friends

Photo cubes with the inscription Smile

Laughter improves mood and has a positive effect on longevity. And the first of April is a wonderful occasion to play a trick on friends and laugh a lot. It is possible that thanks to the drawing of a close friend's life will increase by one bright day. In this part of the article you will find ideas that will help in organizing a five-minute laugh.

  1. "Head in the bank".Invite your friends to get together and spend April Fool's Day at your home.Before guests arrive, fill the jar with water, put a photo of your friend in the liquid and put it in the fridge. During the evening pastime, ask the victim to bring a bottle of beer from the fridge. The effect of surprise will work one hundred percent.
  2. "Pop". Great way to pin up. Invite your friends home, offer a cola with ice. Only instead of the usual ice, put in glasses the pieces with Mentos candies frozen inside. When the ice has melted, the candy will react with the drink, as a result a fountain will gush out of the glass.
  3. "Time to get up".Before a laughing day, ask a friend for a phone number to make a call. Stand back and secretly set the alarm at 5 am. In the morning, call back a friend and ask if he liked the early rise.
  4. "The Screen of Death".If a friend spends a lot of time at the computer, they recommend the next April Fools rally. Take a screenshot of the blue screen and secretly set the resulting image as a screen saver for your friend's computer. Do not forget to create a folder and remove all shortcuts in it to increase the likelihood.
  5. "Drawing on the phone".Call a friend for any reason, and after a few minutes of conversation say that you call back in 5 minutes. During the next call, make sure that your friend, instead of the usual greeting, hears an unexpected cry.
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Most of the listed drawings involve preliminary preparation, but provide an impressive result. Yes, and the resulting emotions and memories are worth it. So get ready for a fun holiday in advance.

How to make fun of parents

Laughing kids

If you decided to play your parents on the first of April, you'll have to try hard. In the case of parents, topical jokes are irrelevant, since father and mother are the closest people who require attention and reverent attitude. As for the main goal of the April Fools ’draw of relatives, it’s about family fun. How to play a trick?

  1. "Dessert with a surprise".Pass the processed cheese through the grater, add the crushed garlic and minced hot pepper. From the resulting mixture roll balls that sprinkle liberally with coconut chips. The sharp taste of an appetizing dessert is guaranteed to surprise parents.
  2. "Sudden Letter".On a day of laughter, put a letter in the mailbox on behalf of one of the utilities. In the letter indicate that in the near future a new cable will be laid on the roof of the house, and when working fragments of concrete may fall from the roof. To protect the windows, recommend sticking them with adhesive tape. If parents believe, do not let them go too far. Tell us that this is a rally.
  3. "Toothpaste with a twist".For everyday bustle, parents usually forget about the approach of April 1 and regularly come across this rally. Pull the food film on the tube in place of extruding the paste. After that, close the cover and remove excess material. When parents want to refresh their breath, they will not be able to squeeze out the paste.
  4. "Bad news".Ask a friend to call his parents on behalf of the school principal and report the dismissal of the child due to regular absenteeism. The main thing is to notify the relatives of the drawing in a timely manner.
  5. "Merry communal".Scan the old payment using the image editor, change the important information and set the sky-high amount. After that, print the new receipt on the printer, gently cut out with scissors and slip under the door.

Remember, playing parents on April 1 is a lot harder than friends or classmates.Therefore, to achieve the result, connect the imagination and to maximum demonstrate the acting ability.

Funny jokes in the office for colleagues

Tea set with glasses

The first of April is the best reason to slightly defuse the working environment, play out your colleagues and laugh together. In recent years, more and more people are arranging office pranks over their colleagues. If you want to join them, look below for original ideas that will help to play out your colleagues and make the holiday unforgettable.

  • "Naughty Mouse".On the eve of the first of April, linger in the office, glue the optical mice with thin paper or stationery tape. The expected effect will appear the next morning, when, after turning on the computer, colleagues notice the loss of control over the system.
  • "Spot".Mix ammonia with phenolphthalein. Both products are sold in a pharmacy. The result is a red liquid. Fill the composition with a fountain pen and, if successful, shake a colleague on the shirt or blouse. After a few seconds, the alcohol will evaporate, and the spots will disappear.
  • "Clerical mess".In the organization of the draw will help the stationery of a colleague.Replace pens with analogs, in which the caps are glued with glue, and the tips of the pencils are covered with a layer of colorless nail polish. Upon arrival at work, observe the torment of the victim.
  • "An unexpected guest".If the office receives a lot of visitors every day, and each of the colleagues has a separate office, replace the doorplate with a tablet. The inscription "Toilet" will do.
  • "Top secret".The drawing is ideal for bookkeeping or an office with a huge turnover of documents. Collect a pack of unwanted papers, stitch it into a folder, paste the note “top secret” on top and place one of the employees on the table. Believe me, you have not seen such a detective show yet.

Video instruction

When choosing a rally option, be sure to consider relationships with colleagues. Use the most “cruel” practical jokes against colleagues with whom relations are warm. Also remember that the joke should not interfere with the normal course of the work day.

Harmless jokes for the girl

Collage of soft toys

The girls are different. Some adequately react to innocent jokes, others are very offended. If you decide to play the girl on April 1, do not overdo it.Dull and cynical jokes and jokes in this case are inappropriate. Only a beautiful and original joke will provide the desired effect.

  1. "Cosmetics with a trick".Buy a girl an expensive face mask. The contents of the jar pour into another container, and instead of it, pour in thick mayonnaise. Surely the girl will be delighted with such a gift and will want to immediately experience in practice. Laugh, give this remedy.
  2. "A haircut".In advance, get a lock of artificial hair that matches the girl's hair according to color. After choosing the right moment, take the big scissors, go to the girl from behind, loudly click the scissors and throw your hair on the floor. The effect is simply stunning.
  3. "Request".Under the sweater or T-shirt, hide the spool of thread, and bring the tip of the thread out with a needle. Ask the girl to remove the thread from the clothes and enjoy the spectacle. The efforts of the discouraged assistant look comical.
  4. "Miracle Fen".If a girl uses a hairdryer daily, put a little flour or starch into it. When she decides to dry her hair, a surprise will await her. Such a rally is very effective, but after the fireworks you have to clean up the ringleader.
  5. "Feeling of fear".It so happened that spiders in girls cause fear. On the eve of April 1, buy a rubber spider in the store and tie a string to it. At the right moment, quietly lower the creature to the girl on the shoulder. The effect will be heard in a few seconds.

Playing a girl, remember that she is a gentle and fragile creature. So forget about rallies that bring physical or mental pain. You will do everything right, if after the rally she will laugh too.

How fun to make fun of a guy

Laughing girls

In the case of guys, the assortment of April Fool's jokes is not worse than with girls. And if the young man also has a great sense of humor, there are no restrictions for the implementation of even the most daring ideas. Above all, avoid scrupulous situations.

  • "Flood". While the guy is asleep, gently sew the blanket to the sheet. In the morning run into the bedroom and say that the neighbors flooded the apartment. Shocked by the news, the guy will try to get out of bed quickly, but not there it was.
  • "Pleasant news". If the guy is not ready for family life, please him on April 1, the next joke. Use a colored marker to draw on the pregnancy test the number of strips needed for a positive result.
  • "Hero-Savior". On the eve of the first of April, tell the guy that you are not feeling well. In the morning, ask him to run to the pharmacy for tincture of herbs. Name yourself for the grass. Get dressed quickly, follow the guy from behind and watch the young man try to buy a non-existent tool. Very funny.
  • "Hijacking". If the guy has a car while he sleeps, take the keys and drive the vehicle to another location. After that, wake up the narrowed and say that the car was stolen. Just do not forget to inform about the draw before the call to the law enforcement agencies.

I listed a few ideas for the original April Fool's play of the guy. And this is not all options. Having connected the imagination, you will think up something of your own that will suit the temperament of the guy and not harm the relationship.

April 1 jokes for children

Photo of a laughing child

Many people like drawing, especially children. They are having a good time when their parents play them. Below I will consider a few ideas for the April Fool's play of kids. They will help fill the house with laughter on the first day of April.

  1. "Teleportation".If babies sleep soundly at night, carefully transfer them to another room.When they wake up, they will find themselves in an unusual situation, which cannot but surprise.
  2. "Milk juice".Offer kids a breakfast of a glass of orange juice. Only instead of a drink, serve orange milk to the table. To do this, add a food coloring.
  3. "Products with eyes".Ask your baby to get milk from the fridge. He will be very surprised when he sees on the middle shelf a tray with eggs, which have funny faces painted. Advise the appearance and advise fruit with vegetables.
  4. "Snow-white smile".To morning cleansing was more fun, sprinkle salt with a baby toothbrush. Just do not overdo it.
  5. "A pleasant surprise".While the kids are asleep, get things out of the closet, and instead put a large number of balloons filled with helium. When the child opens the door, the balls will flutter like butterflies.

Children are the most capricious and vulnerable audience. Therefore, make every effort to get a vivid impression, and not another batch of stress and frustration. Let them have fun from the heart.

How not to joke on April 1

Photo funny with chicken eggs

With the approach of April, many are thinking about having fun and fun to play comrades, colleagues and loved ones. On this day, you can joke on different topics, but there are exceptions.In order not to hit the dirt in the face or get into an unpleasant situation, do not use jokes that mention:

  • Death;
  • Kidnapping;
  • Accident;
  • Mining of the building.

Each of the listed options for a rally is fraught with problems. Hearing the shocking news, the person immediately turns to the appropriate authorities. And for such a rally instead of fun and laughter, you can get a fine or a more serious punishment.

Try to avoid jokes and jokes, and eventually you and the victim both laughed. Be sure to keep in mind that not all people respond adequately to jokes and jokes.

Now you have a lot of ideas for the April Fool's draw. Use your favorite options in practice and do not forget about decency. Your actions should be beautiful even in such situations. Good luck!

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