Kate Middleton appeared in a jacket for 5000 rubles

The Duchess of Cambridge has once again proved that it is not necessary to pay fabulous sums for stylish and beautiful clothes!

Kate Middleton has repeatedly appeared in the light in the clothes of democratic brands. At the dawn of her popularity, she adored outfits from Zara and Topshop, however, after her marriage, her images became much more luxurious and expensive. Kate's love for expensive designer toilets began to embarrass her people, who more and more often began to condemn her for her tranquility. In the end, the funds for the maintenance of royal dressing rooms come from the pockets of ordinary people.

It seems, Middleton decided to listen to the opinions of people: the other day she reappeared in public in a set consisting entirely of democratic brands. During the official visit, and at the Duchess's London Sailing Center, you could notice stylish wide-leg trousers in a nautical style from the J. Crew collection. The white blazer with gold buttons from Zara became the pearl of the image.Needless to say, after Kate appeared in this outfit, pants and jacket disappeared from sale from the sites of brands. Nevertheless, we managed to find a similar model of the blazer. By the way, the average price of such a wardrobe item in the Zara collection is only 5,000 rubles.

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