Learning English from scratch

The role of the English language in the life of modern man has grown to unprecedented heights, in fact, it is considered to be an international language, and therefore it is important for everyone who wants to achieve something in this life to know.

It is no secret for anyone that all, more or less, highly paid positions require knowledge of the English language, it is important for those who constantly travel, because with the help of English you can express yourself, even in America, even in Thailand, and therefore feel much more confident and freer in a foreign country.

Learn and learn

In addition, knowledge of the English language allows you to set higher goals for yourself: to study in foreign universities, read literary works in the original version, where the author’s thought and style is preserved in full. The same goes for foreign films and songs, and most of the useful and important information is distributed directly in English.

And what to say: the knowledge of any foreign language develops a person, opens up new opportunities and spaces for him, and therefore, you need to get down to business as soon as possible.

And then the main problem arises: someone never taught foreign languages ​​at all, which means that he will have to completely start from scratch, which is not so easy already in adult life. And someone even taught something at school, but I forgot, so it will pass for a beginner again.

Of course, you can study English with a tutor or register for group courses, but here lies a lot of problems: always there is not enough free time, individual lessons are always quite expensive, not always satisfied with the qualification of the teacher.

Popular language

But in the group their concerns: again, attachment to the time, and in the collective you always wait for those who are behind, thus you waste your time, or you lag behind the ahead ones, and therefore you do not really learn anything. But there is another way - to learn English independently, but how to do it?

It is absolutely not necessary to pay huge money to teachers and look for convenient hours of courses, everything can be done by own efforts, the main thing is to set a definite goal.

What do you need to learn English?

In schools we were not taught by him very much.

Surely, many will immediately begin to doubt the reality of self-study of a language from scratch: here and with a tutor it does not always work, but how? Actually,In any case, you need to have a certain margin of quality in order for it to be successful, and there are also principles in studying English.

  • Desire and motivation. When there is a real desire, a person is ready to move mountains, not to mention learning a language. The traditional “no ability to languages” does not mean anything if a person has set a goal and is confidently approaching it. Do you know that only 8% of the world's population have real abilities and predispositions for foreign languages? Such people work in secret reconnaissance and other serious offices, while the rest of those who want to have approximately equal conditions, so go ahead!
  • Regularity. If you really want to get a conversational level of the language (and this is sometimes easier than learning how to write and read in the same language), then you should take this matter seriously. What does it mean? Set yourself a certain number of hours per week, for which you will definitely engage in language (for example, 3 times a week or 10 days a month). Regular and regular classes will allow you to memorize new words and rules, without forgetting the old ones. If you practice from time to time, then quickly abandon this business, because the results will be few, and therefore the motivation will quickly disappear.Finding time for homework is much easier, because you do not need to spend extra hours on the road, as is the case with courses or individual lessons.
  • Honesty. Studying on your own is not easy, so you need to be honest with yourself: if you are not able to honestly sit down to do the exercises and perform the necessary exercises, while nobody is pushing you in the back, then you should hire a teacher.
  • Self control To study at home, naturally, you need to be able to control and check yourself; only by fixing and drawing conclusions after what has been studied, you can advance in your knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Teaching children. It is very difficult for a child to learn something independently, for this you need awareness, which happens only in adults. The best option for children is group classes in which the child will be fun and interesting.

As you can see, among all the listed principles that will help you learn English at home, there is not a word about predisposition, the availability of a theoretical basis - this only means that everyone is able to cope with this task, the main thing is desire.

Ways to help you quickly speak English

Never late to learn

  • The most effective option is that for children, that for adults is to go for a few months in an English-speaking country. Direct contact with native speakers, the need to adapt to a new life will push a person to learn the language quickly and imperceptibly, all basic words and phrases in such situations are absorbed very quickly. Of course, this method is very expensive and not everyone can, but, nevertheless, is considered the most effective.
  • Stock up on textbooks and useful educational literature, do not be lazy, take the time to study the forums and reviews about certain authors, because they are writing books and trying to teach many, but there are very few really good books. Choose the most comfortable way to study literature: buy prints, where you can emphasize and highlight the most difficult ways for yourself, plus everything, thus, visual memory works well. Do you have to go far or do you have free time to lie on the couch? Insert headphones into your ears and spend time with benefits: audio books and audio lessons in English train memory very well.
  • Watch movies in English.Probably, it is difficult to find a person who, at least sometimes, would not watch movies: try. Watch as much as you can with English soundtrack and Russian subtitles. Thus, the correct pronunciation of words and phrases is well remembered, and due to Russian subtitles, the meaning of the words is clear, which allows you to quickly memorize them by ear. Do not worry, over time, you will not need subtitles, there are many cases where people have learned the language solely through such views.
  • Do you like foreign music? So be careful when listening to the song, try to understand what it is about. If you fail, find the words, write out expressions that are incomprehensible to you, translate with the help of a dictionary and memorize. In the songs you can learn exactly the spoken language, stable expressions that are used by native speakers in real life.
  • Set yourself a goal: to learn 100 per week (how much is more convenient for you, you can get more) new words, write out each new portion in your outline and learn all week. At the end we arrange a test: we check what we remember and what needs to be fixed, leave it for the next week.

And remember: the language can be learned only by numerous repetitions and cramming, think up certain associations to words, this method is also very effective.

There is also such a method: cut out cards of the same size from the paper, on the one side we write the word in English, and on the reverse translation. With the help of these cribs, visual memory perfectly trains, and it's easy to check yourself.

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