Learning to make shots for yourself and not only

You never know in what situation this or that skill may be useful to you, because life is long and full of various events, and often not the most pleasant for us. The ability to give shots to yourself, your family or even your beloved pets is quite useful, and sometimes even the necessary ability, having learned that, in a given situation, you will make your life easier for yourself and your loved ones.

These skills are better to learn

Often, instead of taking pills or capsules, the doctor prescribes treatment with injections: which of these two options is more difficult to determine, it all depends on the drug itself and, of course, the position of the patient.

But still, it is necessary to pay tribute to the injections in certain situations: the therapeutic effect of the drug is achieved much faster (approximately in 10-30 minutes).

In addition, this method of administering drugs is more secure: the drugs do not pass through the digestive organs without traumatizing them, without undergoing digestion processes.

In any case, if you are sick and you feel seriously ill, then it is better not to self-medicate, but to consult a specialist.

If in this case the doctor prescribes a course of intramuscular injections (as the experts call injections), then, of course, constantly going to the hospital or to the nurse is not an option. To learn how to make injections yourself - maybe the best solution in this situation, so you will save not only your time, but also money.

At first glance, it may seem that such a procedure is quite complicated, which not everyone can master, but in reality everything is real. The main thing is to get acquainted in detail with all the rules of the procedure, since the consequences of an incorrectly delivered injection can be most unpleasant, and sometimes even threatening to health.

How to make an injection yourself?

Unfortunately, there are such situations when you can think of nothing except the handwriting of the procedure, so you have to give yourself injections.

The most important thing is to learn to take a comfortable posture for the injection, and also to accurately determine the zone where you can put it.

It is believed that the best place to put intramuscular injections without negative consequences is the femoral and gluteal muscles, yet they are among the most powerful and developed.

Of course, if you give yourself an injection, then stabbing the gluteus is not very convenient, but the fact is that the muscle mass in your hand may not be enough. Therefore, for the success of the event will have to practice in front of a mirror: take a comfortable position for you, for example, standing in a half turn or lying on your side.

It is believed that in order to correctly determine the safest and most painless place for an injection, it is necessary to mentally divide the buttock into four equal squares.

You need specifically the one that is in the upper outer corner, there the probability of getting into the blood or nerve endings is minimal. If you are going to prick the thigh, then the best place for this purpose is determined as follows: the front plane of the thigh, one palm back from the knee.

The main thing is not to be afraid

Pre-inspect the site for the presence of large vessels, so as not to fall directly into them. With the introduction of an intramuscular injection in the thigh, it is best to take a sitting position, and relax the leg in which you will put the injection, so that the muscles are not tense.

In order to make an injection intramuscularly in the buttock or in the thigh to yourself, you must carefully prepare for it: you will need alcohol for disinfection, cotton wool, prescribed ampoules with medicine and a syringe of the required volume.

For a more comfortable and painless procedure, it is better to use three-component syringes, which are equipped with a rubber seal on the piston. They have long been used in Europe and the USA, but now, they can be found in Ukrainian pharmacies.

Intramuscular injection

  • Adopt the position that you have determined for yourself the most comfortable. If you are giving an injection to another person, it is better that he lay down on his stomach or on his side, relaxing his muscles.
  • Open the ampoule, for this, cut it with a special nail file, which is included in the kit. Wipe the vial with alcohol, wrap it in a towel so as not to cut your hand with a splinter, and then break it. Pull the medicine in with a syringe, after which an important point: tap on the syringe so that all air bubbles come together. Then gently press down on the plunger to remove excess air until a drop of medication appears at the needle tip.If you do not carry out this procedure, then there is the likelihood of air getting into the muscle or into the vessel, which is quite a painful and unpleasant phenomenon.
  • Determine the necessary site of the injection, wipe it with alcohol, take a syringe in your right hand. Now it is important - without panic and fear, with a sharp movement we introduce a needle at an angle of 90 ° to 3/4 of its entire length, which is almost complete. This is necessary in order to accurately get into the muscle, and not to squirt the medicine under the skin.
  • While holding the syringe with your left hand, start the injection with the thumb of the right hand, this process is best done slowly, gradually. The more carefully you do it, the less likely it is that it's a cone and painful sensations. When the medicine has completely reached its intended purpose, take the prepared alcoholized cotton wool with your left hand, press the injection site to it, and at this moment pull the needle out with a sharp movement of your right hand.
  • Lightly rub the site with a cotton swab to disperse the medicine over the muscle. That's all! The injection was a success!

If you have been assigned a whole course of injections, then remember that you can prick the same place no more than twice a week.It is better to alternate two buttocks or thighs daily, so the shots will be less painful.

Also, do not forget that the syringe is a one-time thing, so as not to infect the infection, always use a new syringe for the next procedure.

How to make a subcutaneous injection?

Subcutaneous injections are easier than intramuscular - they need the smallest needle, and they can be carried in any position, even standing. As in the previous version, it is necessary to make sure that all air is discharged from the syringe, everything is thoroughly disinfected. Needle need to enter a little differently - at an angle of 45 °, so that the cut at its end looked up.

You must heal your animals

Having learned such simple actions, you can not only help yourself and your loved ones, but, for example, you can make a prick a cat or a dog, the whole difference between intramuscular injections is that they are often put in the withers.

Although, in fact, you can put in the thigh, usually do so in cases with dogs. To conduct such a procedure with an animal, it is necessary, first of all, not to give a kind that now it will be painful.

The animal feels it instantly and starts to get scared, biting and breaking free. The injections are put in exactly the same way as in the case of a person: do not forget that the puncture is done quickly, and the medicine is injected slowly.To somehow alleviate the fate of a pet, after the procedure, treat him with a treat.

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