Leather dress is a bold but fashionable decision.

Each new dress is like a new role of an actress, because putting it on, a woman begins to “play” in a new scenario. In the wardrobe of every woman, there must be several mandatory options: the classic “little black dress”, a long one - for special celebrations and a comfortable knitwear, which, as they say, is possible both in the feast and in the world. But today we will talk about a special case that deserves special attention, and its name is a leather dress.

Bold decision

Often women bypass it, because such a thing scares - one wrong combination, and a stylish image turns into a vulgar. But if everything is done correctly, then such clothes will not only make you a fashionable woman, but also skillfully emphasize all the virtues of the figure.

And for starters, remember the basic rules:

Neutral colors - beige, black, brown are suitable for everyday wear, but bright models should be reserved for going to a club or relaxing with friends.A combination of knitwear and leather will also help you feel comfortable and stylish. It can even be worn in the office.

As for the fabric, you should choose the skin exclusively normal dressing or recently popular eco-leather. Forget about lacquer models, such clothes are suitable only for role-playing games.

In itself, a leather dress is already quite a complex element of the wardrobe, so it is better to give preference to a simple cut and style.

Correctly choose the size, a thing that is too tight for your forms, looks really vulgar.

Shoes should be expensive and quality. Cheap shoes immediately catch the eye and completely ruin the image. Therefore, once you have decided to buy things from the skin, then do not be stingy and on the shoes to look beautiful.

Correct combination

Now it's time to figure out what you can wear a leather dress to look stylish. Here everything depends on the style:

Without sleeves. It can be fitted or, on the contrary, flared, free, short or fashionable now midi length. In the warm season, an ensemble with open sandals of red, silver or lilac flowers will be appropriate.As for heels, here you can safely rely on your own preferences - choose a stud or a variant on a flat sole. And that, and other shoes will look beautiful.

For cold pores, buy boots or ankle boots with a wide heel, but not boots, they turn an elegant image into a vulgar one.

From accessories fit small clutches of contrasting colors.

With sleeves. This must be in the wardrobe of every woman, because with him you can create a huge number of fashionable bows.

Under it fit classic shoes with heels of any color, as well as comfortable shoes made of suede. From the outer clothing is to give preference to fur vests, fur coats or coats.

But the best part of such an ensemble is that in a few minutes it can turn from everyday to festive, you only need to add a piece of jewelry and make up.

With inserts.This is a great option that women can afford even at the age of 40+. The main thing in this case is to choose the right accessories. This should be done based on the color scheme of the dress.

Now let's figure out how to create a stylish image, depending on the color of the dress:

BlackThis is a classic in which minimalism is appropriate. You should not get involved in additions, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous. For an evening out, you can pick up a small clutch bag or a handbag with a long handle made from the same material as the clothes. But textile is also welcome.

Over the model without sleeves, you can wear a strict monochrome jacket, a thin knitted sweater without buttons or a bolero.

Bright.Here the choice is quite large: yellow, blue, maroon, orange. These dresses are great for parties and trips to clubs. Well, if you decide to wear it for a walk, then give up the heels and replace them with comfortable leather moccasins or ballet flats.

Separately, it should be said about the leather thing in red. This is a very bold outfit, and it requires even more attention than the traditional black classic. Despite the explosive mixture of length and material, the red mini is quite suitable for everyday wear. In this case, as with bright models, you need to abandon heels.

But it is better to save such an outfit for evening exits. It will be advantageous and not so “dangerous” to look, if you wear beige or black shoes and make-up in the nude style, as shown in the photo.

Neutral. These include brown and beige.The first goes well with a white jacket, as well as various accessories. But the thing beige shade stylists recommend to wear to those who are afraid of bold decisions in creating images. Complete with a handbag on a long chain and pumps, the image will be very romantic.

Designers made sure that every woman could find a leather dress to their liking. Different styles, lengths, fabrics and textures make it possible to create an ideal and, most importantly, elegant image. Successful to you fashionable experiments!

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