Leather Passport Cover

Handmade leather covers have become popular among needlewomen for a long time. This thing is quite expensive, since natural leather is used to make it and only manual labor is used. I suggest you look at a step-by-step master class where it will be described in detail what is needed in order to decorate your passport with a primitive cover of their skin. Step one. Preparing everything what we need for work, namely: - leather (you can take a piece of an old jacket or other leather clothing) - leather punch - glue - any piercer, a thin screwdriver or an awl will do (needed to push the braid into the holes) - ruler - pen or chalk
 Preparing everything you need
Step two. In order not to draw all the time, I cut myself cardboard to fit the future passports Width 19 centimeters, height 14 centimeters. Attached to a piece of skin, wrapped and cut.The result was a rectangle.
 cut out a piece of cardboard
Step three. I wanted to make my own cover with two types of leather, for This is cut off from the main piece and the exact same piece cut out from the red skin. I didn’t make edges smooth - they don’t attract me.
 make your cover
Step four. Two pieces of leather it will be very difficult to glue the glue, so for this I take a simple paper tape. This is necessary so that when we make holes in the skin, it does not break up in our hands.
 Two pieces of skin glue to make glue
Scheduled for all contours of the seat cover
 We plan on all the contours of the cover of the place
 leather passport covers
leather passport covers
Step five. We are planning on all the contours of the cover of the place where we will put holes.The ideal distance is 0.7 mm, provided that the overlap width is about 0.3 mm. Next, make a hole through the skin in the designated places with the smallest hole in the hole.
 covers for a leather passport
 leather passport covers
 covers for a passport from the skin
 covers for a passport from the skin
Step Six. We cut the sides into which the passport cover will be planted. For this we need another piece of leather, from which we can cut it all. Attach the cover to the piece and draw around its edges with a pen, then cut out the 2 sides and trim all the irregularities. Next, glue everything on glue, again, whatever flies during braid. The only thing I want to note when you start braiding the product, the corners of the cover are wrapped, they need to be slightly compacted. To do this, glue a small piece of leather in the corner of the cover and only glue the sides onto it.
 covers for a passport from the skin
Step Seven. Take a pen, a ruler and a piece of long skin.From the edge we cut strips 3 millimeters wide, it doesn’t matter long, but the longer the stripe is, the less you will need to glue the small ones during the braiding process.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/5/1075-oblozhki-na-pasport-iz-kozhi.jpg" alt="leather passport covers" title="leather passport covers" >
Step Eight (final). Using a pusher, we start with braided leather ribbons to make a braid. Holes do not miss, the tape does not tighten much, but do not leave free space. All our cover is ready. It can be left as it is, you can put a picture with special paints, stick an interesting fitting, a flower made of leather.
 leather passport covers

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