Lent Calendar for 2016: fourth week

Make up the diet for the fourth week of fasting.

Monday 4th of April, - malnutrition, allowed vegetable food without oil.

Tuesday, April 5- hot food, cooked without butter.

Wednesday, April 6- malnutrition, in the menu vegetable food without oil.

Thursday, April 7- hot food, cooked without butter.

Friday, April 8- malnutrition: bread, vegetables, fruits.

Saturday, April 9- hot food with butter.

Sunday, April 10- hot food with butter.

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Such an important calcium

Lenten menu does not contain dairy products. Eliminating them from the diet, you need to take care of sources of calcium, because its main suppliers are milk, cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream. Recall that an element is needed not only for strengthening bones and healthy nails and hair, but also for muscle work. They are forced to shrink calcium ions traveling through the body.

You can partially compensate for the deficit with the help of vegetables and fruits.Champions in calcium content are cabbage, carrots, sesame, nuts, seeds, dried fruits. There is a trace element in apricots, oranges, grapefruit, apples, currants. Note that calcium is perfectly preserved even in frozen berries. There is it in fresh greens - spinach, parsley, dill.

Alarming symptom

Morning pain in the joints, rapid fatigue, which is often attributed to owl biorhythm and chronic sleep deprivation, indicate a lack of calcium in the body. Another sign of an element deficiency is dull, brittle hair, splitting nails. If the alarming symptoms are there, you should consult a doctor. After the examination, he will select a complex of vitamins.

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