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Oksana, hello!

I can not find a way out of this situation. The fact is that for three years now I have been living in a small resort town on the Mediterranean. My family has an apartment there. It so happened that I decided to stay there (I lost my job at home and wanted to take the opportunity to live in this country and learn the language). In the second year of my stay there, I had a small project ... since then I have not been able to get a job anymore. I do not have a work visa. I am 35 years old. No family and friends. I do not know how to organize my life there .. among my compatriots most of the women are married. Thoughts periodically appear to go back. I became withdrawn, callous. According to the advice of the neighbor, she became interested in business literature, but the knowledge gained cannot be applied. I don't want to let my parents down and return empty-handed. They did everything to help me get accustomed, learn the language, adapt. Maybe I'm doing something wrong ...? thanks in advance. All the best in the new year!


Hello Martha!

The first thing you should notice is that you are not hostage to your previous decisions,and even more so the decisions of the parents, even if “they did everything to help them get accustomed, learn the language, adapt”, it was their choice. If nothing binds you at this place, then nothing prevents you from returning to your homeland, at least for a while, to find a job, continue your career or arrange your personal life.

Another thing, if you finally decided to settle in a resort town on the Mediterranean, then you should take specific steps for further assimilation: confirm your professional qualifications or get additional education in local universities, negotiate with local companies that would be ready to accept you on a work visa , open a “Russian shop” or talk to parents about starting a family business.

Secondly, keep looking for yourself if you have not found it so far. Judging by your question, Martha, you are still looking for your vocation. I recommend to read the book by Daniella Laporte “Kindle fire! Sincere advice for those who are looking for their own way ”or work with a psychologist in this direction, for example, via Skype.

Third, analyze your leisure time.What could attract you? Fitness? Yoga? Surfing? Walking the dogs? Playing musical instruments? The fact is that it is through a hobby or classes on interests that friends may appear.

Fourthly, use other additional dating resources: dating sites, clubs, traveling companion search, etc. Be yourself active, and friends will appear!

Look for opportunities, and they will open the door for you!

Thank you for the New Year's greetings!

Sincerely, Dubrovskaya OV


Oksana, thank you very much! Already found the book you recommended. I will go back with a clear plan for later life. All the best!

And I have long wanted to visit Finland. My husband and I decided to go on New Year's holidays immediately a question arose regarding visa processing. Turned on the matter to the company, all documents for registration were collected promptly. I also want to note that in terms of the cost of a visa to Finland, it turned out to be acceptable.

you can handle it! good luck to you!

Of course, this is all just a matter of time or just some kind of stagnation in life. Everything is formed.

How could you not get a job? Surprisingly, in fact, you did not succeed.Maybe you didn't know the language enough? I just have you, as I understand it, there’s really no social circle. Maybe it was originally necessary to learn. For example, I did not go abroad to live and work until I learned the language well, went to a language schoolwww.fda-mosca.comShe speaks well and then just went. And how was it possible to stay without a visa ... in general, hold on, good luck to you, and make good preparations next time

In fact, if you move abroad to live, then it is very difficult, especially from a moral point of view. My friend initially just went to study English in Ireland with the help of language courses., and as it turned out, there is an opportunity to apply for a student visa without leaving the country, so she seriously begins to think about staying there.

treat as a chelendzhu) learn the language, if you need English, sign up on Skypehttps://skyeng.ruyou will be able to quickly speak) if not English - you can go to courses there, find new friends, and then there are useful contacts)

Resort towns they are excellent, but only for rest or retirement to live. If you want a career, go back to your city. In addition, with a language, no matter how you study it, you will not wake a native speaker,especially in a year, and you can only work in very narrow industries. So just open your business in the resort town. But it is better to come to the parents to the season, realized and happy. They will be more excited about it.

I would be afraid to go far myself. Here with someone, always please)))

I was visiting in Finland. I liked it so much that when I returned, I decided to get a second citizenship and asked for help in the Fintegra service. There they answered all my questions and helped me arrange the necessary documents.

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