Life hacking: 20 tips on how to increase the space

Woman`s Day shares useful tips that will help to visually enlarge the room and make your home stylish and comfortable.

If you are the happy owner of a small apartment or room, do not rush to despair! After all, as you know, with a harmonious combination of colors and well-thought-out design, even 30 square meters can be easily turned into a comfortable home.

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1. The first thing you notice when you get into a small room is, of course, color. Dark and muted colors will act negatively and hide the cherished meters. Therefore, it is better to choose light pastel colors. Well, if you can not live without bright shades, then you can easily enter them as separate decorative elements.

2. If your apartment can not boast of high ceilings, then this problem can be solved with a glossy or even a mirror coating. In this case, it will be possible to visually get the required height, but it must be remembered that the flooring should also be made in light shades (light laminate, glossy white tile, etc.d.)

3. Does the light paint on the walls remind you of hospital rooms? Then you can try to combine light wallpaper with a floral print: paste one wall into a small flower, and the opposite wall into a large one. Thus, it will be possible to visually expand the room and get rid of the sensation of the cold walls of the state institution.

4. The square shape of the apartment (or room) can also be adjusted by choosing the right paint (or wallpaper) for the walls. To "draw out" the room, it is enough to paint one of the walls into a colder, lighter tone or to paste over them with light wallpaper with a fine print.

5. But a long narrow room can be visually made more square by painting one of the walls with a warm dark (darker than the others) color. Or for these purposes you can use wallpaper with a horizontal bar, which will also help to visually bring one of the walls and slightly expand the room.

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