Limited make-up collections: seize at all costs

Some brands produce Christmas make-up collections in order to stay on the ear, while others create real masterpieces for which the hunt unfolds: the collections are limited and sold in a matter of months, or even days. What is the leading cosmetic brands will please this time? Now we find out.

Giorgio Armani

A new collection of Giorgio Armani makeup is called Eclipse. It includes limited products, and it began to be sold at the end of November, but the brand does not position it as a New Year. True, the new shades of Eye Tint again suggest the opposite: liquid shadows are now presented in purple, gold and coral-gold. Powder highlighter will not be included in the permanent collection either, so if you liked its golden tint, do not think and carry the beauty to the cashier. Moreover, Giorgio Armani always succeeds in balancing the tone, all the coolest makeup artists use their tonal creams and powders. And the last limited-edition product is Black Ecstasy mascara.Here the shade is interesting - it is 02 Navy Blue: deep blue, it is visible on the eyelashes only under certain lighting, and the formula of the carcass will make them more voluminous, thick and long in any light.

Limited make-up collections: seize at all costs

Giorgio Armani powder highlighter;Giorgio Armani gel eyeliner and eyebrows (2 505 rubles);Black Ecstasy Giorgio Armani Mascara (2 295 rubles)


We will immediately remind you that you should look for these lovely products, which you will now find out and who want to buy everything at once, in the chain of stores “Il de Beaute”, where the Sephora brand is represented exclusively. The brand's New Year collection is on the shelves on November 15, but we believe that there is still something to profit. The Sephora Brilliant makeup kit is a jewelry box whose surface resembles the facets of diamonds. Than its contents are not a jewel for any girl? These are 72 shades of shadows, 32 lip gloss, 18 eyelashes, 8 blush. And all this for 2 999 rubles. Favorite by many, the brilliance of Kiss Me on the occasion of the approaching New Year appeared in two new radiant colors - No 09 Magic Dessert and No 10 Lucky Cherry. As before, the gloss of Kiss Me is shaped like an egg, and unlike products that need to be applied with fingers, is a hundred times more hygienic. And Sephora always offers great ideas for Christmas gifts. Personally, we do not know a girl who would not be delighted with the Enchanting Look set for eye makeup. It consists of mascara and resistant kayala-pencil. The price is ridiculous - 799 rubles.

Limited make-up collections: seize at all costs

Set of makeup Sephora Brilliant (2 999 rub.);Enchanting Look eye makeup kit (699 rubles);shine Kiss Me, shade 10 Lucky Cherry (359 rub.)

Bobbi brown

This year, Bobby Brown urges all girls to do for the New Year's Eve smoky eye makeup with a slight shimmer. Just with such meykom appears actress and model Kate Upton in the commercial for a new collection of Sterling Nights. If, after watching the video, you realize that you want the same, Bobby Brown has foreseen everything - the products of the collection and the application scheme from the very founder of the brand are at your service.

Drawing scheme

Shadow palettes and liquid highlighters deserve special attention. Try the textures of these products on tester stands, and, most likely, you will realize that they are losing many and many means of competing brands. Face Highlighter limited facebook is packaged in a glass bottle with a convenient pomp, the contents of which can be used in two ways: applied over the tonal basis as the finishing touch of makeup or added to your moisturizing cream to give the skin a natural, subtle radiance.

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