Love arises in the head or in the heart.

Today, many psychologists share love into several components: love, passion or true love. The first occurs in youth, it is characterized by vivid impressions, it can not carry physical manifestations, there is an idealization of the partner, his qualities. Passion is more associated with sexual attraction, it is based on tactile contacts, the couple wants to be in each other's arms. It is a more mature feeling, but it can also disappear. Love is the interaction of people, which every year becomes stronger, transformed and deepens. Love is not just an attachment to an image, but an emotional connection with a real person.

Love is chemistry

When people meet, there is a chemical process that triggers love. A certain type, the smell of a person can provoke this process.If it is supported, stimulated, it will increase. So there is passion and love, but they are the initial stage of true love. First, the physical body comes into play, then the brain intervenes, the analysis of a person can allow the relationship to continue or reduce everything to an end.
In the first few months it is very difficult to control the sensations of the body. There is not only a desire to be with a partner, but also ease, the desire to do something, to achieve something. Emotional background is enhanced, things are easy and simple. This condition in lovers can last several years. It is especially strong when a couple can not see each other every day, they manage to get bored, which causes a general surge of energy.
Love and passion can close your eyes to many of the shortcomings of a person. When these feelings are present, the voice of the mind is barely audible. There are "rose-colored glasses" that help people find harmony in everyday life, improve relationships. But gradually it passes, and the truth is revealed.

Love is the beat of two hearts.

If a couple experiences the loss of their illusions calmly, if the emerging difficulties are not frightened, the relationship will begin to transform.From a small crisis of ending love begins to form a deep union, built not only on hormones. At this time, people do not just adapt to everyday life, but learn to respect each other, appreciate, support. Relationships are filled with tenderness, joy and devotion.
Love in the head allows people to properly raise children, dream together, make plans and achieve goals. Each in a pair becomes the support of close people, a single interaction space is created. And only after building all this, after many years of life, true love takes shape. It is not like love, it is more valuable, bright, full, but at the same time calm and reasonable.
Loving people become halves that can not be separated. They accept each other, they admire their couple, and at the same time try not to cause pain. A single whole arises after a long adaptation. And this is no longer just in the head, it is a symbiosis of hormones and the brain.

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