Love for books from childhood

������Start teaching your child to read from a very young age, even if it seems to you that he does not understand the meaning of what you read to him. Start with children's books with bright beautiful pictures and short rhymes. Explain the plots of the pictures in your own words, read the texts and ask the child to show the picture of a cow, bird, bear, girl, sun, etc. Be sure to comment on the actions of the baby with lines from the poem, which is printed on the page.
The most convenient time to read fairy tales, when you put the baby to bed. Let the child get used to the evening fairy tale in your performance - do not shift this duty to the TV with Khryusha and Stepashey. Start with simple tales and stories. Do not be surprised if the baby loves some kind of fairy tale to selflessness and will ask to read it every evening. Do not try to boredom makes some changes in a fairy tale - the belief in the stability of the world around is very important for children.The plot of the fairy tale, which the kid learned almost by heart, just symbolizes this stability and the belief that justice will surely prevail. Therefore, the child is so annoyed if the parents skip the plot twists or add their own.
After the child has learned to read, do not stop the evening reading of children's books. Now the stories will be longer and more entertaining, and reading one book can stretch out over several evenings. If you are convinced that the child is passionate about the story and asks you to read some more, answer: �I have absolutely no time now, but you can read for yourself what happened next.� Do not insist if you see that he is unhappy. Just read the next day even less and again ask the child to read on their own. Be sure to discuss with the children what they read: their opinion about the plot, about the characters, how would the guys act in the place of the characters ... Thus, you not only teach children to understand and analyze the text, not only develop their oral speech, but also get close to them spiritually. The ability to speak frankly with a child is very useful to you throughout your life.

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