Love, romance, passion

Love, romance, passionERROR FORMULA "LOVE = ROMANTIC"

Romance, passion and sex - it's worth talking about, as people's ears turn into sensitive radar. Movies, television, books, magazines tell us about passionate love. It excites, attracts, embarrasses, hurts, inspires, pushes madness. It dictated many actions, many features of the relationship. Romantic love is not silent and the Scriptures. There is a Book of the Bible, entirely dedicated to romantic love, - Song of Solomon's Songs. So God himself was thinking about romantic love.


Romantic love has become an integral part of our culture, and it is often identified with real love. Go to the newspaper stall and read the newspaper and magazine headlines:

"Actress X found her love!"

"Secrets of love from the experts!"

"How to make him love you?"

"How can I feel love more fully?"

"Test: how you love"

"Are you really in love?"


The most interesting thing is that when you go to the newspaper stall next time, the headlines will be about the same.That is, newspapers and magazines seem to tell you: a month ago, our ideas did not help you. And now forget all that we advised you in the past month, and try something new. Now you will all grow together. But true love is very different from what gloss magazines write about. Romance is an amazing facet of love, but love is not identical to love. It is not so deep and not so wide. Romance is an integral part of love, it serves love. But love does not serve romance. The best and satiating romantic relationships are among those who hold this position. Such people are usually happy in love, for they love truly, giving a place to romantic passion.

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