Make an elegant garden decoration of luminous garland

Fill your garden with fabulous lights that seem to pour onto the surface of falling asleep flowers. Build a fantastic lamp that can be made from ordinary garden tools.

First you need to choose the right capacity. This can be a watering can, kettle or coffee pot. A great way to give a new life to a leaky dish, the shape and texture of which you like. The main advantage of this project is incredible simplicity.

The watering can or teapot needs to be fixed on a stable tripod in such a position that it would seem that something is pouring from the container. And our garland will shower. It should be threaded into the holes in the watering can or kettle, putting the battery inside. You can choose the method more difficult by swiping the socket to the lamp (the cord can be hidden in a tripod or twisted around it). In this case, take care of waterproofing wires!

The garland can be switched to the flickering mode, and the garden will be filled with wonderful moving lights.

The design with the battery looks more weightless, since the tripod in this case, you can choose a very thin one. A kettle or a watering can is simply hung on it. Fixed luminaire requires more difficult work to mount electrics.

The process of creating a magic lamp is shown in more detail in the video.

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