Making a rope mat

We make a rug from a rope- a strong rug from a rope, fast in manufacturing, but very wear-resistant. It can be put, for example, in front of the door or used as a mat for a dog.

Materials and tools:

  1. rope;
  2. Lighter;
  3. scissors;
  4. thick cardboard;
  5. glue.

Step 1

Do the carpet on a flat and flat surface - wooden or tiled floor. Take the rope and, starting from one end, we will tightly lay the turns of the rope to get the mat of the right size.

If you need to connect 2 ropes into one, then we melt the ends, for example, with a cigarette lighter and connect them. When the mat is ready, also melt the end and glue it to the carpet.

Step 2

Put the rug on the cardboard, circle it and cut it out, while making it slightly smaller diameter than the rug,so that the cardboard was not visible.

We smear the cardboard with glue and put it on top of the carpet (it is better to do just that, put the cardboard on the mat). We wait until the glue dries and allcarpet of ropeis ready.

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