Making a rug in the bathroom with your own hands

You will need
  • - old synthetic fabric curtain
  • - knitting needles number 10 or hook number 10
  • - scissors
First you need to turn the curtain into a specific yarn. To do this, the curtain must be decomposed so that the entire rectangle is visible. Make small incisions on the fabric along the bottom edge, the distance between which should be 3-4 centimeters. Cut the fabric to the opposite end by serif. In this way many individual bands are formed. It is important that their width is approximately the same.
On each such strip, small cuts are made on both sides, like buttonhole loops. Making yarn for a rug does not take much time, since it is not necessary to process the ends of the strips.
For the convenience of further work, one of the bands must be rolled up. Then to the end of the thread you need to tie the next strip. To do this, its end must be looped through the first. Then the ends of the strips are wrapped so that they are fixed in the holes of each other.You can simplify the task and tie the strips between the nodes, but there is a risk that the canvas will come out uneven.
The rest of the "yarn" is interconnected in the same way. In order to avoid entanglement, constantly winding the threads in a common ball.
Now you can start knitting. It is possible to knit a plain cloth with a garter stitch, or it is possible to knit a cloth with a pattern. You can draw a pigtail on a scarf rug, then you will need a third knitting needle or wand, to which part of the loops is thrown.
Bath mat can be knitted and multicolored.

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