Manicure in the style of "chrome" is the most current manicure in 2017 with his own hands

One of the freshest and most curious ways to make your nails mirror-like today is the “chrome manicure” - created with the use of a mirror pigment or shiny powder. And gel polish, on the surface of which this powder is well rubbed.

Pigment for a mirror manicure in an imported version can have different names - be it Mirror Powder, Chrome Powder, Chrome Pigment, Glitter Powder and others. The essence of it is the same: it is the smallest aluminum powder intended to be rubbed into the surface of a varnish base and make it shine.

Shades of pigment can also be different: most often it is silver and gold. But, having set a goal, you can find color variants of metallic manicure powder on sale. And even shades, chameleons, playing on the nails in different tones of blue, green, purple and pink.

The price of funds depends on the place of purchase and configuration.A jar of shiny powder for a chrome manicure for 1-3 grams in specialized salons can be expensive, but you can buy inexpensive means cheaply on ebay or aliexpress within 1-2 US dollars. With the same quality - or at all with the same name .

So, let's start?

Step 1

From the beginning it is necessary to apply a layer of gel polish base on your nails and dry it under the lamp. Then apply a second coat and dry again.

Step 2

Next, apply colored gel polish. The choice of color is yours, but the masters say that chrome looks better when using a black backing. And we tend to believe them.

Step 3

Now we take the metallized pigment and sprinkle it on the nail. The remaining pigment must be shaken off. Then, using the old shadow applicator, begin actively rubbing the pigment on the surface of the nail. And so in several layers, until you get the desired mirror shine.

Step 4

When all the nails will sparkle and turn into a reflective surface, apply a gel coating on top and send to dry again.

Of course, the time for such a manicure will take quite a bit, but you will be satisfied with the result. We offer to watch the video master class.

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