Melania Trump copies Samantha Jones?

Melania Trump's style and her manner of choosing a wardrobe for official events has often become a hot topic for discussion. Immediately after the completion of the elections, some designers allegedly flatly refused to provide their creations for the first lady of the United States, while others, on the contrary, admired her stunning taste. Following Melania’s trumpet attire, journalists began to “guess” about her personal life (if briefly, the conclusion is: Mrs. Trump is terribly unhappy in her marriage), and then judged by her clothes about political views of Melania, trying to pass each new dress into a silent manifesto . But most of all, the press succeeded in searching for comparisons: the style of the newly-made first lady of America was compared with the style of Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, the Duchess of Cambridge - fashionable icons, as well as cinema and serial heroines. And recently, fashion critics seem to have come closer to a clue who inspires Melania Trump, the stylist, for such good looks.And this gray cardinal in the wardrobe of the first lady of the United States turned out to be ... the beloved heroine of the series Sex and the City, Samantha Jones. At once several outfits of Melania coincided with the images of Samantha shown in the series and in the subsequent film screenings of the story about four friends.

Melania Trump vs Samantha JonesIt must be admitted that the stylist Melania Trump “did hit the bull's eye”, selecting such a completely unconventional heroine for her client. According to the plot of the series, we know that Samantha's key feature is self-sufficiency, multiplied by active sexuality and the envy of many men in many envy.

While traditional characters in the canons of the genre spin intrigues, intrigue and twist ingenious nets around men, Samantha Jones actually "eats" them like croissants for breakfast or tuna fillets for lunch

And it is to her that all these sex-related quotes about sex, smug, arrogant, and nihilistic, which still between them translate the information that Samantha doesn’t care about, what others think about her, still shocked many. Agreeeven if you remove from the image of this heroine all the vulgar themes (although then it will not be Samantha at all), then the bulletproof armor of a confident and wealthy woman who decided to live as she wants, without paying attention to prejudices, will remain. And it was this invisible armor that would be so necessary Melania Trump, who was attacked and accused of all mortal sins with a new post of husband.

Melania Trump vs Samantha Jones

Melania Trump vs Samantha Jones

Melania - Samante Jones's “relatives” is also in the fact that she is too sexy for the place where she is located, and at the same time is so organic in this chic and seductive look that irritates others.

As Samantha always seemed as if superfluous against the background of three girls desperately seeking their love, so Melania with her luxurious appearance and energy of a lioness does not fall under the classic image of the first lady, who only sets off her husband

And this discrepancy to the traditions and provokes such a remarkable dislike of Mrs. Trump among the public. Envy comes to the surface and, as a result, a soothing self-conviction is that this beauty is really bad, she sobs at night in her gigantic presidential suite,suffers from depression and dislike of her husband, tears in the back of the car, and expensive outfits - her only outlet.

Melania Trump vs Samantha Jones

Melania Trump vs Samantha Jones

If you do not want to, Melania has to defend herself, including, perhaps, through her own style, which is a kind of communication with the outside world and his so far unceasing media aggression. Be Melania humble in the tight-fitting under the throat blouses and trousers with arrows from Giorgio Armani or in dimensionless robe from Donna Karan, which her age would be written off by fashion magazines, then she would be pecked even faster, and then they would take and regret. And she goes absolutely in a different way, demonstrating visually what is called powerful femininity, - the powerful femininity of a self-confident and in no need of a lady, for the sexuality of which everyone wants to see a dramatic drama with a sad end. And by the way, recently Melanie Trump had a like-minded woman on the other side of the ocean - Madame Brigitte Macron, or the first lady of France, who wants to give her witch's image and write down all possible women's sins for her naked knees and expensive designer handbags. But Brigitte, like Melania, does not seem to care: both of them have business and pleasure more important than reading and hearing others' verbiage about themselves.

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