How to choose a watch

How to choose a watch photoWristwatches besides the main function - show time, are used as a stylish and beautiful accessory. The status in society and the level of wealth can be determined by the brand of watches, case material and bracelet. In addition, an expensive chronometer gives men solidity, and women elegance. The impression about the person on whose hand they put on a Jaguar or Romanson will be the most positive. That is why the answer suggests how to talk about watches, and especially how to choose a watch, by what indicators?


How to choose the right wristwatch.



To understand how to choose the right wristwatch, you should focus not only on the size or shape, but also on the price. Expensive chronometer can not look unstable. It will be the right choice. But you should pay attention to other characteristics and indicators. Watches should not only correspond to the status of a successful person, but also arrange according to technical indicators and capabilities. Now consider the main criteria for the correct choice of hours.How to choose a watch photo




It is from the mechanism that one should begin the selection of watches. There are quartz and mechanical chronometers.


Mechanical.Mechanical watches have a rather complicated movement mechanism. Despite the fact that its principle was developed a very long time ago, the popularity of its mechanical watches was not lost. This design consists of a variety of gears and springs, which interact with each other, rotate the hands of the chronometer. The service life of high-quality mechanical watches is about 20 years. Convenience is the absence of the battery. Enough every few days to get them. But there are drawbacks to such watches. The main error is the course error (at least 10 seconds per day). The accuracy of the stroke depends not only on the serviceability of the mechanism, but also on external factors such as ambient temperature, the position of the clock, etc. The device is more complex, therefore, repairs can be more expensive.


Quartz.The basis of these watches is a quartz oscillator. It creates an electric current, which moves the hands of the clock. The quartz watch is more accurate (error up to 20 seconds per month), does not require periodic recharging, it is possible to connect other functions.


Time display.

How to choose a watch photoThere are 3 options for displaying time on the clock - electronic, arrow and combined. What are they like?


Turnout.The name becomes, and so everything is clear. The time is displayed using the arrows. Different models of watches are equipped with two (hour and minute) or three hands (hour, minute and second). The second hand is sometimes placed on a separate dial. There are options for models of watches with four hands. (Rarely). This is the alarm clock arrow.


The hand time display option is the only possible one on a mechanical clock. For quartz - this is one of the possible options.


Electronic.With this option, the time is displayed in digital form on the display. For some, this option seems more acceptable. The electronic time display option applies only to quartz watches. It is possible to display on the screen and other information besides the time (stopwatch, timer ...).


Combined.This is a combined version. Used as a digital scoreboard and arrows. The combined time display option is only used on quartz watches.How to choose a watch photo


It is worth saying about the existence of such a time display option as “Twelv”.In this case, the hour is displayed in a separate color, and minutes - by filling in the space, similar to the rising moon. But such chronometers are very rare. Maybe due to the fact that such a system was recently invented, it may be due to unusual and inconvenient.


Time format


The concept of time format is the display of time on the clock display screen. There are three formats - 12-hour, 24-hour and combined.


When the 12-hour version of the day are divided into 2 intervals. From midnight until noon the display shows “am”, after 12-00 pm “pm”. This option is more familiar to us. Usually say 2 pm, not 14 hours.


The 24-hour version is more common in Europe and America. The time display starts at midnight at 00 hours 00 minutes and ends at 23 hours 59 minutes.


The combined version is more convenient. And it is convenient because the user of such watches can independently choose the display mode. 12-hour or 24-hour.


Type of numbers.


If you chose a watch with a dial, you should decide on the type of icons. There are options with Arabic or Roman numerals. Each case has its advantages and disadvantages.From this it is necessary to choose how many digits will be displayed on the chronometer.


There are dials 4-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour. But the most common ones, which are also called classic ones, are 12-hour dials. In this case, the whole sector is divided into 12 equal parts on the clock, and the numbers from 1 to 12 are plotted. This is customary and convenient. Sometimes you can see on the watch only 4 characters - 3, 6, 9, 12. This is done in order to relieve the dial. It turns out a kind of minimalism style. But this is an amateur. Sometimes you can find wristwatches without any figures at all. They are replaced by dots, circles and the like. Minimalism taxis.


There are, by the way very rarely, dials, divided into 24 sectors. For a day the hour hand makes only one full turn. But not everyone likes this option due to habit.


Second hand.


Most often you can find a clock with a second hand. Sometimes it is taken out on a separate separate dial, but most often it is installed along with all the others. There are models without a second hand. Not all people have requirements for its presence.


Source of power.


The source of energy is different for different types of watches.Mechanical watches operate on a spring mechanism. When the tension inside this device drops to critical, the clock stops. They need to be refilled periodically. As a rule, one complete plant is enough for two days. There are models in which this defect is leveled by self-winding. It occurs when the hand with the clock produces sharp movements. If the activity lasts at least 8 hours a day, then you should not worry about such a procedure as the watch factory.


How to choose a watch photoIn quartz watches, the source of almost uninterrupted power is a battery. If you do not save on the quality of the appliance, then it will be enough for 2 ... 3 years. Maybe more. This is convenient for those people who do not want for some reason to periodically start a wrist watch, or wish to have additional features that the mechanical ones do not have.


You can find watches with solar panels installed in them. The light passes through the screen and hits the photocells. There, the sun's rays are converted into electrical energy, which moves the mechanism of the clock. But the efficiency of such a device is not very high. Care should be taken that the sunlight periodically hits the dial.And this is not always possible. There are cloudy days, there is a working day, completely spent not in a room sufficiently illuminated by the sun, etc.


The type and form of hours.


All watches can be divided into the following types.

  • Women's
  • Men's
  • Unisex. Suitable for both men and women.
  • Baby.


If we talk about the form, then everything depends only on taste. Although round, even a square clock equally well shows time. The following most popular forms of wrist watches can be distinguished. It is barrel-shaped, oval, square, round, rhombic, rectangular.


Body material.


An important point in the question of how to choose a wristwatch is the material from which the body is made. There are a lot of them and it makes no sense to list all possible options. Let us dwell on the most common.


Gold.Gold watch case is considered one of the most beautiful and prestigious. Even the high price and softness of this precious metal does not reduce its popularity.


Platinum.Platinum also belongs to the category of precious metals and can be an indicator of the prosperity of the host (hostess) hours. If we compare this material with gold, then it should be noted that platinum is heavier,but the case of such a watch will be stronger and stronger, less prone to scratches, nicks, etc. Usually such cases are made to individual order.


Titanium.Titanium is quite durable and lightweight material. Despite the simple look, the watch with a titanium case looks pretty nice. The main advantage of such chronometers is the affordable price.


Palladium.Palladium is also used quite often as a case for watches. Many people know this metal called "white gold". Externally, palladium is similar to platinum and weighs slightly less than a more noble relative. Another advantage of palladium is the fact that it does not oxidize, does not corrode, and is quite easy to polish.How to choose a watch photo


Stainless steel.Perhaps the most common material for the manufacture of watch cases. It turns out a strong, durable and reliable design. Value for money is the most ideal. The main disadvantage is that stainless steel is a rather soft metal. Such a body will often scratch, but can be polished without any problems.


Plastic.Plastic is the cheapest material for making a watch case.Its advantages are practical and low price.




Glass is also one of the main factors in the question of how to choose a wrist watch. There are 4 types of glasses - plastic, mineral, sapphire and combined. How do they differ between themselves?


The cheapest watches have plastic glass. It is prone to scratching. And in general, a special quality is no different. You should not pay your attention to such watches. Mineral glass is also not the best option. It is easy to beat and scratch. Sapphire - somewhat better. Scratching such a glass is difficult, but you can break it without any problems. The best is the combination. The combination of sapphire and mineral glass gives the best result in scratch resistance and cracking.


Strap or bracelet.


Bracelets or straps are used to fix the watch on the wrist. Let's take a closer look at the materials used in their manufacture.


In our market you can find leather, silicone, plastic and textile straps. Plastic and silicone are used in children's watch models. They are usually performed in bright colors. But it’s not worth talking about the durability of such an attachment.The most high-quality and beautiful straps are made of leather. They are very soft, comfortable to sit on your hand. Textiles are an alternative to leather. In quality and appearance, they are somewhat inferior to leather, but have a lower price.


The materials used in the manufacture of bracelets are very diverse. Both gold and stainless steel, and titanium, and other metals are used. The bracelet for watches is also an indicator of wealth and the status of the owner is not less than the case material. If you attach stainless steel fasteners to a gold watch, it will be somewhat inappropriate. It is necessary to select a watch and a bracelet from one material, so that the effect of complementing one with another is.


How to choose a women's watch.



How to choose a watch photoIf there was a question how to choose a women's watch, the answer is as recommended by the ladies with a case with a case made of gold or stainless steel. In our opinion, the most stylish will be chronometers with a minimum number of characters on the dial. A watch with a leather strap will be more practical. If you want to show your status and wealth, then you should stay on the version with a beautiful bracelet.


Do not chase for some additional features. They are not particularly needed.Only the anti-shock properties and the availability of a calendar with the date and the day of the week can be claimed.


How to choose a men's watch.



The main aspect in the selection of men's watches is their purpose. If you are only interested in control over time, then you should choose the chronometers from steel or titanium. To show your status and wealth, you need to look at the watch in a gold, palladium or platinum case. In the issue of fixing the chronometer on the wrist, there is no definite advice. Good and straps and bracelets. This is a matter of taste and design. But a gold or platinum bracelet will look more solid than a leather strap. If we are talking about the dial, it is better if it is with Roman icons, 12-hour, hand.


You can pay attention to the availability of additional features. We are talking about the calendar, stopwatch, backlight, switching time zones and an alarm clock. The ability to keep a beat is a worthy feature of a decent watch. But remember - shockproof is the mechanism, not the body and glass. And if the watch is also waterproof, then you can safely take a shower or swim in the sea.Even at a certain depth, they can fully perform their duties. Now I understand how to choose a men's watch.


What wrist watches to choose.



Which wristwatch to choose depends only on the imagination and financial capabilities of each person. But it is possible to name the most popular on sales of mark. These are Appella, Citizen, Fossil, Jacques Lemans, Orient, Skagen, Casio, Essence, Haas, Jowissa, Romanson, Timex.


Choose a gold watch.



If you want to choose a gold watch, then you should pay attention to the products of the following companies - Romanson, Appella, Jaguar, Dolce & Gabbana, Breguet, OMAX. These models are considered the most reliable and stylish.


Which Swiss watch to choose.



It is believed that the best watches are made in Switzerland. It is difficult to disagree with this statement. Only Japanese chronometers can slightly denote competition. But just label. If the question of which Swiss watch to choose is on the agenda, then pay attention to Appella, Jaguar, Philip Laurence, Patek Philippe or Nina Ricci. But the rest of the producers are not that different. These names are simply more popular, more famous.

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