Metal racks and cabinets

When opening a business, a store, or even a warehouse, you should take care of the right suppliers with high-quality products. If you are still in search of your ideal partner, we advise you to pay attention to the company "Maxtil". It provides exceptionally high-quality products, which include cabinets, racks and other metal products. In addition, contacting this company, you can get a huge range of additional services - measurements, delivery and collection of furniture.Maxtil LLC has been a supplier of metal furniture for more than 10 yearsin the market of Moscow, the Moscow Region, as well as delivery to other regions of Russia. And all products are selected exclusively in accordance with the wishes of the customer and his planned budget. The main products of the company are all types of racks, which include:

Printed racks

One type of pallet racking for compact storage of products.The advantage that can be highlighted is the guaranteed savings in storage space. Most often, this type of shelving is used to store fragile goods, where it is not recommended to store pallets in layers, as well as to store goods of the same type. Also, this type of rack is divided into two more subspecies -passinganddeep. Read more about this type of shelving read.

Mezzanine racks

Used to store products on additional floors. Their main feature is that with this type of installation pallets can be placed both on the lower floors of the structure and on the extra ones.

Mezzanine racks are made exclusively for the order, you can order, focusing on the warehouse of the customer. And if you have any problems with the choice, the specialists of the company will always be happy to help - they will remove the necessary measurements and perform the design work. The advantages of this type of shelving can be attributed - the type of storage of goods, in which it is possible to simultaneously store a different type of cargo on shelves and on pallets; storage area may increase; This kind is suitable for storing cargo on a scud with high ceilings, which will perfectly save space.

Metal archive cabinets

This is another type of productLLC "McStyle", they guarantee the full safety of the documents stored in them. They are divided according to the way the door is opened on - the system with theswing doorand with thedoor-coupe. Read more on the site Also, metal cabinets work almost without making noise, thanks to a special crossbar system.

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