Micro glasses - a stylish thing

Love interesting accessories? Then your attention is sure to attract micro-glasses. This is a true trend in 2018, but it does not suit everyone. Find out whether you should buy such glasses.

What is it and where did it come from?

The name "micro-glasses" fully reflects the essence of the accessory: the glasses are really small. Such models were fashionable in the early 90s, and once again confirmed that everything is cyclical in fashion, and the new is well forgotten old. For the first time on the catwalks a trendy accessory was shown by the trend designer Demna Gvasalia. Seeing this innovation, celebrities picked up the baton, and social networks were filled with photos of stars in micro glasses.

Especially the accessory came to taste Rihanna, Beyoncé, Belle Hadid, Zoe Kravitz, Kaye Gerber and other advanced fashionistas. But gradually the trend enters the masses and is gaining popularity among ordinary girls and women.

For your information! Micro-glasses can have a variety of shapes that repeat the variations of the frames of accessories of standard sizes.

Should I buy?

Who would suit such an unusual accessory, should I buy it? The form is specific, so not all go. Micro glasses will look harmoniously on the fair sex with high cheekbones and a rather narrow face. But the owner of a round or square shape, as well as large features is better to give preference to other models.

There are practically no age restrictions: having chosen the appropriate option, a young girl, and a confident and accomplished woman, and even a middle-aged woman who wants to keep up with world fashion trends, can wear stylish micro glasses.

Important! Micro-sunglasses do not protect your eyes from bright rays and ultraviolet radiation, so it is recommended to wear them in not very sunny weather or indoors.

How to make the right choice?

To select the micro glasses that are right for you, be guided by the following criteria.

  1. The shape of the glasses depends on the shape of the face. So, almost any accessories, for example, wide panoramic, having rounded corners, square and round, are suitable for lucky women with the right oval face. If you have a square shape, pay attention to the models of "chanterelle", "cat's eye", options with soft round rims.For girls and women with a round face, it is advisable to choose oval or square accessories. When the triangular shape fit rounded glasses, "butterfly", "cat's eye."
  2. Colour. In 2018 both classic and reserved shades, as well as rich and bright, are relevant. If you need an accessory that does not stand out from the general background, pay attention to gray, brown, black colors. Pastel soft tones are relevant: beige, powdery, milky, peach, light pink, blue. Refresh the image of pure white. In a fashion bright shades, such as fuchsia, coral, indigo, lemon, mint. Feel free to choose and deep saturated colors: purple, dark blue, burgundy. By the way, it is not at all necessary to select micro glasses to match the clothes and other accessories.
  3. Prints. The frame can be decorated with animal prints: leopard, tiger, zebra, snake. In the trend of geometric and graphic images, abstraction. But the patterns should not be overly catchy: in a tiny size they can look colorful.
  4. Dimensions. The smaller the face and the smaller its features, the more tiny the glasses should be.

Learning how to wear

With what and how to wear trendy micro-glasses? They can organically fit into different styles of clothing: hippies, retro, glamor, casual, punk and even rock. If you wish, you can find an option for a strict business image.

Examples of successful combinations:

Micro glasses are combined with any outerwear. You can choose a stylish cardigan, denim jacket, brutal leather leather jacket, youth bomber jacket, feminine jacket or blazer, an elongated fabric or fur vest, a cap or a light coat. Shoes can be any: slip-ons, ballet flats, pumps, ankle boots, loafers, sneakers, boots, sandals, sandals and so on.

Experiment with accessories. Pick up a small handbag: a clutch bag, an envelope or a hard box. You can supplement the micro glasses with a pendant or a choker. Put on the bracelet. But to draw attention to the ears with large shiny earrings is not worth it: let the emphasis remain on the glasses. It will be appropriate hat.

If you're still in doubt, buy trendy micro glasses and create stylish looks!

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