Modern hair treatment in the clinic

If baldness was recently considered a genetically predisposed condition that predominantly affected men, today the link between the health of the scalp and hair with the general state of the body, nervous overstrain and diseases of the internal organs and the scalp has been convincingly proven.

Hair treatment in the clinic should begin with a visit to the doctor - trichologist. A specialist who knows all about the health of the scalp and hair should conduct an examination in order to clarify the cause of hair loss or the onset of scalp disease.

Most often, problems with scalp and hair are associated with a violation of the internal balance in the body, caused by constant stress, chronic fatigue, malnutrition and bad habits. All this leads to oxygen starvation, avitaminosis and weakening of the body, the hair does not get enough nutrition and the body tries to get rid of them, preferring not to waste nutrients and microelements on unnecessary particles of keratinized epithelium.

Another reason that may require hair treatment in the clinic is hormonal disorders.They can arise due to various endocrine system diseases or due to physiological conditions, for example, in women during pregnancy or in older men. If the patient has a mass loss of hair throughout the head (total alopecia) or in certain places (focal alopecia), then, first of all, it is necessary to check the operation of the endocrine glands. Diseases of the scalp and hair loss occur in hyper-and hypothyroidism, a violation of the adrenal glands or genital organs. In this case, the treatment should be carried out by an endocrinologist with concomitant cosmetic procedures to restore hair growth.

If problems with hair are not associated with various diseases of internal organs, then treatment should begin with a change in lifestyle, proper nutrition, intake of vitamins and special cosmetic procedures to improve nourishment of the scalp and stimulate their growth.

Such procedures should be carried out in special clinics or beauty salons. Today, trichologists have developed a number of quite effective therapeutic serums, masks, balms and lotions that can quickly clear the scalp and deliver firming drugs directly to the root of the hair.Regular shampoos and masks, in spite of all advertising assurances, cannot give such an effect.

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