Mop - a reliable assistant for every hostess

More recently, such a question would look stupid, because apart from the standard mop in the form of a wooden stick with a crossbar at the bottom, there were no other options. It served as faith and truth for many years, but in the yard of the XXI century, which means that even such household equipment as a mop got many improved varieties.

The variety is, of course, very good, but the eyes of a hostess literally run up from a large number of the proposed options. Which one should I choose? Which is better and how do they differ? Let's understand more.

Today we will talk about how to choose a mop in the house for mopping, and it is not surprising! After all, this tool significantly simplifies the life of every housewife, and if earlier washing the floors was a difficult and really hard work, today, thanks to various adaptations, the task has become much simpler.

For example, there are models with spinning - now you do not need to rinse your hands in water and squeeze a rag on your own, a special mechanism will do it for you.There are those who are able to treat the surface with steam, thereby conducting a parallel disinfection.

But which one is better? To understand this question, you first need to decide for yourself what you expect from your assistant, because each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, some mops are more convenient than others to use at the expense of a convenient design, others cope better with certain surfaces, for example, laminate or parquet, and still others can have a lot of removable nozzles - each for a specific type of floor. Naturally, you only choose what is your priority.

Classic wooden mop

So let's start with the good old classics. You can argue - they say, the last century! Surprisingly, wooden structures are still very popular among modern housewives. The first plus is their availability. The second is high strength and good quality of cleaning, which, in many respects, will depend not even on the mop itself, but on the quality of the rag.

The disadvantages are known to all - it is the need to wring out the cloth manually, as well as the relatively low maneuverability compared to some types of modern mops.Since many housewives do not like to rinse their hands in the water at all, they are looking for a mop with a spin mechanism.


The next popular type is mops with a sponge nozzle. Most often, they have a telescopic handle, which allows it to be adjusted to the desired growth of the hostess, which, undoubtedly, is convenient. Usually, a special mechanism is fastened on the same handle, which pushes the sponge from water.

The idea with which this look was created is very good: the hostess does not need to bend down and rinse the cloth in the water, all this can be done in several movements - put the mop into a bucket of water and then pull the lever that squeezes out all the excess water.

But, as the experience of many owners of such devices shows, spinning does not always work “conscientiously”: often the sponge is not fully pressed out, which leaves strong stains on a clean floor surface. Sometimes, because of this, it is not possible to rinse heavily dirty floor at all, therefore they are more suitable for easy cleaning or emergency water collection from a smooth floor.

For laminate or parquet, they can be dangerous because of the large amount of moisture, but for linoleum or smooth tile - they are quite suitable.In addition, before starting to wash the floors, sponge mops must stand for about 15 minutes in the water, which also creates a certain level of inconvenience.


Most often go together with a special bucket in which the mop basket is located. They consist of a handle and a strap, to which is attached a nozzle with ropes, they are also called "macaroni". Ropes can be made of cotton or polyester, by the way, nozzles are removable, so they can always be changed. Rope mops, in comparison with the previous ones, are much more maneuverable and many mistresses are to taste.

But no matter how hard you try, you still will not succeed in squeezing the ropes to the maximum with the help of the mechanism in the bucket, so this model will not work again for parquet or laminate. In addition, many housewives are irritated by a lot of villi after cleaning, which are plentifully enough to pour out of the wet ropes during washing.

Mop Flounder

A good option for the home is a mop-flaunder. These designs are effectively used, both at damp, and at dry cleaning. Which is very convenient - the flaunders are equipped with special turning mechanisms,which allow to rotate a nozzle, both on 180 °, and on all 360 °! It is very convenient, which allows you to clean the whole house with one tool.

Nozzles removable - based on microfiber and cotton, depending on the field of activity. These mops are considered versatile, as they absorb moisture better than the previous ones, without leaving stains behind them, and therefore they can be easily used for wooden floors too.

Steam mops

Steam models are mops of the latest generation, capable of hot steam cleaning to clean almost any surface in the house, ranging from tiles and glass, to linoleum, wood and stone. Usually equipped with several nozzles, and can also be used for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces.

Due to the high temperature of steam, they possess disinfecting properties, preventing the formation of mold, fungus, and the development of various bacteria and ticks. Perhaps the only drawback of such a tool is its value, which sometimes does not match the declared quality.

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