Moving to a new apartment: 7 main rules and secrets

Moving to a new apartment is usually associated with pleasant emotions and joyful expectations, although the process itself may seem like a difficult ordeal. You will be surprised, but for you the move can be comfortable and carefree. It is only necessary to conduct proper training and find good assistants to whom you can pass almost all the concerns associated with the move. You will only enjoy the changes.

Preparing for the move

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Perhaps the most important step is planning and preparing formove. Try not to delay preparation for the move on the last day. When preparing for the move is better to adhere to the following sequence:

  1. First of all, get rid of all unnecessary things for you - throw away, sell or just donate. It is not necessary to spend forces on transportation of excess things.
  2. Prepare the most detailed list of things - you will need it when ordering loaders and cars, as well as help you not to forget anything.
  3. Pack your things. Start better with those items that you use the least.
  4. Prepare the furniture. Measure large furniture to see if it will pass through doorways and elevators. Make a list of furniture that you want to disassemble. Disassemble what you can disassemble yourself.
  5. Prepare a plan for placement in a new apartment, it will significantly reduce the time of the move.
  6. Order transport andmovers.

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