Mulled wine - a gorgeous drink with your own hands

What associations do you call the word "mulled wine"? Probably something close to Christmas, cold winter evenings, a crackling fire in the fireplace, as well as a pleasant, warm and invigorating reddish liquid.

There are literally folded legends about the palette of fireworks and bright colors that you can really feel in the magical taste of mulled wine, and this is perfectly justified, because it can decorate any bad weather with its aroma and “glowing” colors, and turn any gray evening into a holiday!

Will warm in bad weather

And the matter is not at all the laughing degrees of the wine itself, but rather in the wealth and skillful combination of spices and spices that are actively used in its creation.

This drink has received the greatest distribution in countries with a cold climate, namely in Scandinavia and in Eastern Europe, where winter dank evenings are more common than in other warm regions of the world, the local population is happily warmed by a cup of warm and fragrant mulled wine.

And this is quite understandable, because they know perfectly well that this drink is not just a pleasant treat, it is also a very good tonic and a remedy that helps badly against colds, helps to recover from infectious diseases, and also gives strength, vigor and energy.

Healthy drink

To try such an amazing drink, it is not necessary to go to Eastern Europe, it is enough to know how to make mulled wine with your own hands. As you know, the process itself has its own small secrets and subtleties that we will provide to your attention.

A bit of history

It turns out that the first ancestors of such a famous and beloved drink today, appeared in ancient times, for example, cookbooks were found, where recipes for the preparation of wine with various seasonings, which was actively used by the ancient Romans, are indicated.

True, the wine is not heated, as in the case of mulled wine, and used exclusively for medicinal purposes. But the prototype of the modern drink, which also warmed up and went through the process of “refining” with the help of various spices and seasonings, appeared during the Middle Agesit was available only for the rich and privileged classes of society who could afford the purchase of expensive spices.

Aroma of the Divine

The name of the drink comes from the German name “Glühender Wein”, which translates as “burning wine”, and, according to all the rules, it is supposed to be drunk only during the cold season, which means autumn and winter - ideal for pampering yourself with a glass mulled wine.

A common mistake that inexperienced and beginner cooks often make is the conviction that almost any spices can be added to mulled wine. There is some truth in this - a real fragrant and healing hot wine, really likes spices, but everywhere the measure is important, as well as knowledge of interchangeable herbs and spices.

For example, if you add citrus fruits, then cardamom will already be superfluous, but ginger will perfectly replace allspice and so on. Alas, the name of the person who first thought of adding spices and fruit to warmed up wine remained unknown, and only interesting legends have survived.

Modern ingredients and their effects on the human body

The process of making such an amazingly tasty and healthy drink, very entertaining and fascinating, if you do it at home, there is always room for experiments, for example,with the number and composition of spices or alcohol strength.

Knowing one recipe is not enough, in order to prepare the perfect mulled wine, at least, it is important to know which wine can be used, as well as which spices are best mixed for maximum flavor effect.

Real mulled wine is sure to be prepared from dry or semi-dry red homemade wine; inexpensive but quality wines are ideal, for example, Cabernet, Khvanchkara, Kandzmarauli and others.

True, today they use sweet and strong wines, which is completely wrong, because the sweetness and special notes of the drink should be purchased at the expense of aromatic additives and fruits, and not at the expense of the wine itself. If you use expensive and strong enough wines, then you should not add strong alcohol to them, but mulled wine from inexpensive wine is usually stained with a couple of drops of rum, brandy or brandy.

By the way, for those who are extremely negative about alcohol, there is non-alcoholic mulled wine, which, most often, is prepared on the basis of grape, cranberry or cherry juice.

Cinnamon and citrus

Naturally, honey or sugar is added to the sweetness of the healing drink, and it is necessary to mix them with warmed wine, as in the cold it is difficult to calculate the dosage, which is why the mulled wine can be transferred.It's no secret that honey is famous for its beneficial properties, so for cooking, of course, it is better to use it, and not sugar.

Very interesting are the options for hot wine, in which add vanilla or cane sugar. As for fruit, apples and citrus fruits are most often used, of which oranges, lemon or lime are used.

Which citrus is better to use in a particular case, it is necessary to look at the situation: with sweeter wines, lemon or lime is more suitable, but with dry ones - orange. It is allowed to use a small number of dried fruits, for example, dried apricots or prunes, as well as fresh berries: black or red currants, cranberries, blueberries and so on.

The next item is, of course, seasonings, which ideally are used unmilled, so that the finished mulled wine does not dim and is not covered with a light film. Most often, of course, they use cinnamon - it adds a pleasant aroma to the drink, and also helps the body fight off the cold, activates the brain and reduces cholesterol levels.

Further - ginger, it calms well and helps with dizziness.Also popular spices that can be used in the preparation of "flaming wine" include: cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, bay leaf, cloves, anise. Coriander, saffron, barberry, and other medicinal herbs.

The main thing to remember is that you need to add them a little and do not mix everything.

How to cook the most delicious mulled wine in the world?

So, what do we need to make it? A bottle of dry red wine, a tablespoon of honey, 2 cinnamon sticks, 6-7 pieces of cloves, a few orange slices, a little nutmeg and a third of a glass of water.

Remember that the basic rule is this: mulled wine should not boil!

The main temperature of its supply is 70-75 °, no more. Usually, the wine is poured into an enamel pan, heated on a low heat to the above temperature, at the same time all the spices are poured into a separate container with prepared water, heated to full boil, and then poured into mulled wine, the whole mass is brought to the required temperature and immediately removed from the fire.

We give the drink to brew for 10 minutes, then pour it into special transparent glasses made of thick glass. Have a nice evening!

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