Mutton Dishes: 4 Simple Recipes


Meat salad
Photo: Dmitry Bayrak / dbstudio

Cooking time:1 hour.

Calorie content: 414 kcal in 1 portion.

For 4 servings:500 g lamb pulp, 2–3 onions, 5–6 walnuts, 1 bunch of cilantro, 1–2 handfuls of pomegranate, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, ground coriander, vinegar and mayonnaise (optional).

Mutton cut into cubes or thin sticks, as in the azu. Salt, pepper, season with ground coriander, rub with hands with vegetable oil and leave for half an hour under the lid, so that the meat is soaked with spices. We clean onions and shred half rings. Coarsely chop nuts My, obsushivaem and cut the cilantro. In a well-heated frying pan fry the meat. If it is harsh, then pour in some water, close the lid and simmer on low heat until soft. In another pan, sauté the prepared onion in vegetable oil. Give the meat and onions to cool, and then combine. Add nuts and cilantro, sprinkle with vinegar (if desired) or fill with mayonnaise, lay a slide in a salad bowl and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.

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