Napkin Napkin Holder

A napkin holder in verseswith your own hands is a finished wooden product in which you can put a nondescript cardboard analog with napkins and change the “cartridges” as needed. Napkin holder in verses   can be decorated according to the general design of the room and is perfect for themed cafes and restaurants.

Materials and tools:

  1. blank for decoupage;
  2. decoupage rice paper (Love2Art);
  3. white acrylic primer;
  4. glue for decoupage;
  5. acrylic paint (beige, dark brown);
  6. matt acrylic lacquer
  7. stamp for scrapbooking;
  8. synthetic brushes;
  9. lace;
  10. sandpaper;
  11. sponge.

Step 1

Before proceeding to the decoration of the workpiece, sand it with sandpaper or a sponge for sanding.

Step 2

Now we ground all surfaces of the napkin holder. We use white acrylic primer. It will help make the image on rice paper brighter.

Step 3

Take rice paper for decoupage and apply it to the lid of the napkin holder.Excess paper break off.

Step 4

Next, glue the paper to the lid with adhesive for decoupage. Apply the glue over the paper, as it should be soaked. Smooth the paper from the center to the edges with a flat, wide synthetic brush. We expel air bubbles, smooth out folds.

Step 5

The sides of the napkin holder are painted with cream-colored acrylic paint in several layers. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 6

The top edge of the lid is toned   using a dark brown paint. Apply it in thin layers using a sponge.

Step 7

We put on the cover a layer of a finishing acrylic varnish with a matte effect. We are waiting for drying.

Step 8

We decorate the sides of a napkin holder with a stamp for scrapbooking. We apply on its ribbed surface a liquid acrylic paint or ink for stamps. We make prints from all sides. After that, we wash the stamp, dry it and apply another color. Making prints. Give dry.

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