Netflix first bought the rights to the Russian TV series

Interest in our series in the world so far, what to say, is small. And more precisely - completely absent. It's our channels that buy rights to adapt successful TV projects, like "Homeland" or "Good wife", and not vice versa ... But maybe the situation will change soon. At least the first step is made: on the eve of the video service Netflix first acquired the rights to display the Russian TV series - the choice fell on the detective drama "Major", which was on the First Channel in 2014 and was extended for the second season. In the center of the plot is the incorrigible and very attractive enfant terrible (Pavel Priluchny), whom his father, in the hope of re-education, arranges for service ... in law enforcement.

"Major" can be seen on Netflix at the end of this year called Silver Spoon, and it will go with subtitles.

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