New hair color by Anna Shulgina caused controversy on the net

The shade chosen by the girl requires a thoughtful make-up, otherwise you can add yourself an extra ten.

Anna Shulgina has recently been not so active in her Instagram: she doesn’t inform her fans about travel, travel, personal or social life. The star can not hold on only from one thing - demonstration of the results of its beauty experiments. After each visit to Anna's hairdresser, a new picture appears in the network, telling the followers about the tests her hair had to go through. Perhaps it is precisely because Shulgina is a desperate beauty experimenter that her “Instagram” still continues to glow.

Anne's Cool Blonde
Photo: @anna_shulgina
Anna with a purple blond
Photo: @valeriya

After Anna cut her bosom to the limit, she decided to take on her hair color. For a long time she was blond, while the shades of blond chose close to natural.It was this practice that Shulgina decided to put an end to: she repainted in a cold blond, which is popularly called “gray”. A few days later, the girl decided to go ahead and make the shade of her hair even more old woman, adding a purple sheen. With this color of curls, Anna came yesterday, April 17th, to her mom, singer Valeria, on her birthday. On the joint photos of Anna and Valeria, the difference in shades of their blonds is very striking, and Shulgin's hair color seems even more unusual.

Would you decide on a purple blond?
Would you decide on a purple blond?
  • No. Associated with a pension
  • Yes. It is stylish and unusual.
  • I like Anna, but I wouldn't do myself

“Modern fashion dictates freedom if you want to dye your hair lilac, why not, especially since this shade is very relevant today,” says Vladimir Surikov, stylist for hair. - But here you need to understand this: any non-standard hair shades require a thoughtful image and a full make-up. Anna poses in a full and quite bright make-up. If you walk with a purple blond and undyed,just add yourself to ten years of age, because the shade will be associated not with a young rebellion, but with a pension and ink with which the grandmothers tint the gray hair ”.

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