New trend in needlework: a stylish scarf in knitting technique on hands

Knitting is a long process. Especially if you want to make a large enough item. But if you do not have patience, or do not have enough time, you will love this technique.

Remove all ornaments, watches and roll up sleeves. Your hands will be used instead of the spokes. It's very easy and fast. You will need specialized yarn for hand knitting, you can buy it in handicraft stores or order it online.

Carefully read the instructions in the description of the yarn. The weight of the yarn will be indicated there. For a scarf you need about 150 grams.

Pull three lengths of arm from a skein of yarn to form the first loop.

You need to loop on the hand that you have working. Span the short edge of the yarn through the thumb, and the long one, going to the tangle, through the index finger. Insert the hand with the first loop under the thread on the thumb, grab the loop with the index finger, and stretch it under the first thread. So type six loops.

This is what a set of loops looks like.

In order to start knitting, insert your hand into the loop and draw a working thread through it. Some get knit with both hands. If it is difficult for you, move the row each time to the non-working hand, turning the loops so that the thread leading to the ball remains at the beginning of the row.

Knit the canvas until you get the length needed for your scarf. At the end, close the edge, tying the two loops together and returning the resulting hand. As a result, you will only have one loop on your hand, which is tightly tightened and tied with a corner. Sew the edges of the scarf with a regular thread.

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